COURAGE is the ability to face danger, fear or changes with confidence and bravery.

Courage is defined as:

● Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand any difficulty or danger, fear, or hardship.

● Implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or an extreme danger.

● Originates from the French and Latin root forms of “coer”:

● From the Heart

Courage is the most important lesson the Bear teaches us. The Bear represents COURAGE because of its strength and natural ability to overcome challenges. A mother bear, for example, will stand against a much larger, stronger male bear or other threat to protect her cubs. The Bear shows us how to live a balanced life, where there is a time to be playful and a time to be assertive and courageous.

Courage is facing our daily problems and challenges with strength of character. We need to stand up to protect our values and be truthful in the face of ignorance. It is a great challenge in today’s society to have the mental and moral strength to overcome fears that prevent us from living our true spirit as human beings. This challenge can be overcome by following the Bear’s examples.

Find the courage and maintain the bravery to become an all-around good and healthy person for the betterment of all of society as a whole.