We are developing kits covering different grade levels to accompany each of the Seven Sacred Teachings, to help schools bring the lessons to life in their classrooms. These are adaptable for all ages and provide information on how to encourage a deeper reflection and interpretation of the Teachings, and how to link to existing curriculum using research and best practices as seen in other programs in Alberta. We strive to fully engage our FNMI students and their families in our schools, and to make FNMI teachings relevant for them and for every student in our care.
Over the past several years, Chinook’s Edge has placed a focus on identifying the academic and cultural needs of our FNMI students. This has resulted in improvements on our Accountability Pillar report from Alberta Education, and there has been growth in the number of FNMI students writing Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams (which are both provincially-administered exams). It is a priority for us to continue seeing a higher number of students transitioning to post-secondary learning and qualifying for Rutherford Scholarships. As part of the Instructional Leadership visits to each school (which involves reviewing structured goals and outcomes between the Superintendency Team and each school’s administration teams), conversations will be held with administrators to discuss plans for addressing the unique needs of our FNMI students.