Special Education Instructional Materials Center


The CESA 5 SEIMC (Special Education Instructional Materials Center) is home to over 1,600 instructional, assistive equipment and materials. These SEIMC items can be used with students who have special learning challenges, and have been specially selected to support students of differing abilities, ages, disabilities and needs. Additionally, many publishers understand the importance of all teachers previewing and using their materials prior to purchasing for their classroom; therefore we are also home to many preview materials donated by publishers.

Staff are able to trial materials and equipment with students prior to requesting that the district purchase. This is what one CESA 5 SLP had to say....

I talked to the student's district today and I think they are going to order it for us! Thank you Judi for finding this and getting it so we could try it first! That helped a lot in "selling" the idea, that we had tried it and it worked well.

Elizabeth Hipke

Speech/Language Pathologist


The CESA 5 van stops at each school district one day a week to deliver and pick up any materials that have been reserved. Please adjust your reservations and "return by" dates according to the district schedule. ALL districts receiving CESA 5 services are on the van delivery route. Please click on the Van Delivery Route Schedule to find your delivery day of the week.

All items in the SEIMC/IMC libraries are reserved for 3 weeks/21 days. PLEASE be certain that reserved items are returned on the CESA van on your district delivery day. Please identify your district van pickup/drop-off location for deliveries. Our van only makes one stop per district, oftentimes (but not always) at the district office or High School. If materials are not returned in time, they are delayed by at least 1 week for the next reservation. You may renew items two times (if they are not reserved by someone else). Contact Jody Pederson (pedersonj@cesa5.org) to renew.

Check-Out Policies: SEIMC member district staff and CESA 5 employees have unlimited check-out privileges (may reserve unlimited number of items from all collections in the CESA 5 Media Center) for the standard check-out period (3 weeks). They may renew materials two times if no other teacher has requested the item. We request that materials be returned after two renewals for inventory purposes.

Non-SEIMC member districts can check out materials valued at less than $300 for $25 per check-out period (3 weeks). This fee is assessed per item, per check-out period. Materials valued at more than $300 will be checked out for $25 per week.

We request that non-SEIMC member staff receive approval from their supervisor prior to reserving materials.

If you would like to see what materials are available in the SEIMC, please go to the online catalog.

The catalog system used by the CESA 5 media center is Alexandria. The Online Catalog link, connects to "Researcher" in the library system. Click Search to find the item or items you are looking for. You will need to log in to reserve your materials. Please contact Jody Pederson if you have problems using our system.

You are able to use Researcher on a mobile device to view the descriptions/detail and check out or reserve items using your username and password.

We try to keep our collection updated in the SEIMC which means making space for newer items. We have a number of older but still valuable materials that we have deleted from our shelves. Some of the materials haven't been checked out for many years and some are "sample packets" from publishing companies that contain just a few resources from a grade level, but could still be used for other purposes in the classroom. Our deleted items are typically posted here on our website in May, so please be sure to check our website often. They are offered on a "first come, first served" basis.

Please view the Annual List of Materials is you want to review the materials that have been added in the past. This is a "work in progress". Each annual list will be suitable for printing or online viewing. The lists are not intended to provide a full listing of all materials in SEIMC, just those most recently added in a printable format.