2015 Conference April 7th!  
WITC & Northland College in Ashland

Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM)
— STEM is an initiative to increase student awareness of science, technology, engineering and math careers with the intent of increasing the numbers of students who enter STEM related occupations to help fulfill the needs of the workforce. It is also about teachers integrating these subjects in a way that demonstrates how skills learned in one subject are related to other subjects and applied to real world problems. Link to the DPI website for more information and resources.

Engineering is Elementary- In 2010 the CESA 12 IMC purchased a number of Engineering is Elementary kits that provide teachers with ready-made lesson plans and activities that integrate STEM subjects. See the IMC catalog to check out a kit.

Middle School STEM Career Day - A unique opportunity for 6th, 7th & 8th grade gifted and talented students.  In partnership with the WITC and Northland College campuses, CESA 12 sponsors a STEM Career Day in the spring of the school year, usually in April.  Join us as we explore robotics, energy renewal, life and physical sciences. Lots of fun activities are offered.  For more information contact Jim Lee.

For More Information Contact:
Mary Maderich
Phone: (715) 682-2363 Ext 126