Cloudland Elementary

8540 Highway 19E

Roan Mountain TN 37687

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Mission Statement

Parents and teachers working together using current standards, student focused instruction, effective time management, and creative enrichment opportunities, to ensure each student receives a stimulating, caring, and secure environment where they can learn and meet our high expectations.


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School History

Cloudland Elementary School is nestled in the heart of the small rural town of Roan Mountain only a few miles beneath the majestic Roan Mountain after which the town is named. Roan Mountain is famous for its fauna and flora, especially the largest Rhododendron Gardens in the world Cloudland Elementary is only minutes from Roan Mountain State Park and within a half hour's drive of the ski resorts of Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain in Avery County, North Carolina.

The 1990 census recorded the population of Roan Mountain as 4,082 and the median income of its residents as $14,410. A steady stream of tourists escalates the summer population by a few hundred.

Cloudland students and the Roan Mountain community enjoy a pleasant climate for most of the year, but inclement weather during winter months often affects the school's operation since many students must travel to school by bus on curvy, mountainous roads.

Cloudland Elementary School was built in the early 1950's housing five classrooms, a small office, a small cafeteria, and outdoor restrooms. Restroom facilities were the first addition to the original building. Additions in subsequent years included more classrooms, a gym, and a larger cafeteria. By 1969, a library had been added. In 1974-75, four modular classrooms were attached to the north end of the building by covered sidewalks. The latest addition in 1991 was a double-wide modular classroom for Headstart located also on the north end of the main building. One of ten elementary schools in Carter County, Cloudland is the only elementary school serving the children of Roan Mountain and the only feeder school for Cloudland High School. When Cloudland Elementary School was originally built, it served only students in the immediate Roan Mountain area and the Roan Mountain Village. Located in outlying areas were the small community schools of Walnut Mountain, Buck Mountain. Tiger Valley, Hopson, Simerly Creek, Heaton Creek, Cove Creek, Burbank, Lower Shell Creek, and Shell Creek. One by one these schools closed, forcing students to attend Cloudland Elementary. Shell Creek School became the last of these schools to close its doors in 1972.

On January 8th of 1998, a tragic event happened in the town of Roan Mountain; a flood swept through the community and resulted in the loss of several lives and homes. A small part of that loss was part of the Cloudland Elementary School. As a result of that flood, over one half of the school facility itself was unusable. This forced the fourth through the sixth grades to relocate to Elk Park North Carolina. Headstart through the third grades remained at the Roan Mountain campus, with the help of four modular classrooms and the transporting of food from the Cloudland High School. The upper elementary grades moved to an old rock school in Elk Park North Carolina, which was constructed by the WPA. This school had been featured in the movie "Where the Lilies Bloom."

In January of 2002, the new Cloudland Elementary School opened and marked the reuniting of the two schools. We are very proud of our ability to overcome obstacles.