InvigExam™ (Invigilator Examination Assistant™) is a software product from Certification Enterprise that provides candidates with a locked down Examination / Testing environment running within a stable Microsoft Windows® environment.

With InvigExam candidates may utilize their own computers to write exams electronically, or have examination writing centers provide computers pre-installed with InvigExam. There is no fear of cheating, as a locked down environment with Microsoft Windows is created.

There are two components within InvigExam, the candidate component and the administration component. The candidate component is installed on the candidate’s computer, and is used to take the exam. The administration component is installed on the administrator’s computer, and is used to define and deploy the exam.

InvigExam contains an embedded word processor, spreadsheet, PDF, and multiple choice entry capability. With the embedded word processor and spreadsheet capabilities, no additional third party software is required (e.g. Microsoft Office®). InvigExam is based on the Microsoft Windows multiple document interface (MDI), allowing the candidates to tile windows to see multiple exam documents / spreadsheets simultaneously (side by side).

InvigExam provides multilingual support. User interface, spell check dictionaries, help, and exams are all available in both English and French.

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