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Our mobile division is experienced in multiple mobile technologies, having developed on every major platform. Our iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, BREW and Windows Mobile teams is experienced team which can create unique  mobile applications across platforms. Our team is passionate about delivering the most distinctive, engaging, customized experience  . Look forward to news of innovative and unique solutions and application..

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  "Android SMART MEETING CONNECT "   works on any Meeting format...No more remembering the meeting IDs and Passwords..This takes care of all

Real Quotes : One enterprise user " This app is saving lives in my team, as I had heard people while driving trying to get meeting Ids/passwords.. Now single click they can connect to meeting

Another " No more opening Laptops to write down password ,Meeting IDs.. Most productive app I have ever used"

Smart Meeting Connect helps you to automatically dial into meetings (any meeting format)without you having to key in the long Meeting ID and Passwords with a single click. Smart Meeting Connect automatically detects Meeting ID and Password and dials them in. It also gives you the option to select the Meeting ID and Password using hyperlinks and then Dials them in. This is the perfect App for calling into meetings if you are driving or if you just don't want to switch back and forth various screens trying to memorize those long passwords.
Dialing into Meetings has never been easier. Another advantage is if you have multiple meetings in different format(Web Ex, livemeeting, go to meeting etc..) this app takes care of all . We can add any meeting format support in case you have specific requirements.
In case you have any meeting formats that are not being parsed. Please email us the format to support@certamobile.com and we will try to add the parsing capability and send you an upgraded version of the app for FREE!!! We willsupport all meeting formats

Any support issues support@certamobile.com

 Enterprise queries welcome for customized solution for their meetings.....
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