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Welcome to the Cle Elum Schools Transportation Department

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103 Wright Ave, Cle Elum, WA 98922
(509) 674-2100
FAX (509) 674-0166

Supervisor Rosa Overton
Bus Routes

Area  Letter    Morning  Afternoon
Cle Elum  Droute detailsroute details 
 Cle Elum Froute details route details 
Lake Cle Elum & Ronald route details  route details
 Liberty Aroute details route details 
 route details
route details
 Peoh Hroute details route details 
South Cle Elum  Jroute details route details 
Roslyn  C route detailsroute details 
Teanaway  K route detailsroute details 
 Westside B route detailsroute details  
 CRASH/GEARRoslyn/Ronald  route details 
CRASH/GEAR Cle Elum/S. Cle Elum  route details