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Recorders Rock!



This year both fourth and fifth grade students are learning to play recorders! Each student has their own recorder for music classroom use. These instruments remain in the music room.

Students are not required to have a recorder to practice at home, but if they would like to purchase one, below is a list of vendors/options.


·      I have been told that the Dollar Store carries recorders. [I have not verified this personally.] If you find one there, please check that it is a Soprano recorder, Baroque fingering.


·      For reference, I refined the above search for Baroque fingering recorders, plastic, key of C, & Soprano. Plastic recorders are easiest to keep clean as they are generally able to go in a dishwasher (or you can wash in warm, soapy water).


Ask your fourth or fifth grader about Recorder Karate! Through this system and beyond, students will learn to read and perform music. I look forward to sharing their progress in the coming months.


Krista Connelly

K-5 Music Specialist, CERES