Pembera Youth Marimba

The Pembera Youth Marimba Ensemble (PYME) will begin rehearsals on Wednesday, October 5th. Fourth grade, fifth grade, and middle school students are eligible to join the group, which meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00-3:45. Students attending GEAR may meet with PYME first and then go to GEAR.

PYME rehearses October to June (M/W) unless otherwise communicated; my usual notes home will be via email. As in previous years, the first month will be a audition period during which I will choose students for the ensemble. The list below states all necessary factors for a student to be in the group:

  • Prerequisites:
    • Homeroom teacher verification of the students’ good work ethic (turns in homework, participates in class activities, displays positive behavior and attitude)
    • Student must have a ride home at 3:45 arranged OR be enrolled in GEAR
  • During the audition period:
    • Attends the first month of rehearsals without being tardy or absent (please email me if an absence is related to illness)
    • Learns the music during this month and/or shows ability to improve skills
    • Is a positive learner and encouraging/works well with others in the ensemble
  • During the year:
    • Continues to have good work ethic as explained above
    • Continues to be a positive learner in the ensemble
    • Consistently on-time to marimba rehearsals
    • Follows the absence guidelines:
      • Excused absences: parents, please email me (Ms. Connelly) beforehand
      • Unexcused absences: more than three will result in being asked to leave the group (see below)
      • Tardies: three tardies equal one unexcused absence
    • Must be at the rehearsal prior to a performance in order to play in said performance (ex. for a Wednesday night concert, must be at Wednesday afternoon rehearsal or, if the Wednesday one is cancelled, the Monday rehearsal) 

A student may be asked to leave the group if any of the above factors are not met. The student may have the opportunity to rejoin PYME at the trimester provided these criteria are met. Please be aware of the possibility of the spot being filled by another student on a waiting list. 

Please keep in mind that being a member of PYME should be considered a year-long commitment, provided the above criteria are continually met. If your student or family is involved in other activities that will make participating in PYME difficult for portions of the school year, please remember this when deciding whether to join. Having consistency in membership will lead to a more cohesive ensemble. Thank you for understanding!

At the current time, I have no performances scheduled outside of school events. Please email me at if you know of a performance opportunity or if you have any other questions.

A permission slip is going home with students and should be returned to me by Monday, October 3rd.

Best wishes,

Krista Connelly

K-5 Music Specialist, CERES

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