All applicants to Centurion must go through a QUALIFICATION Process to work for our company. Qualifications for employment are outlined on the front of the application.  Any person that does not meet the qualifications required by the Federal DOT as well as our insurance company will not be considered for employment.


The application is taken at the Corporate Safety Office or received by mail.  The application is checked for completeness.  Any application that does not have adequate information (phone numbers, signatures, etc.) to process will be rejected.  A copy of the Drivers License and Social Security Card should be attached to the application. (If not attached, they will be required at the start of Orientation.) The copies must be legible. If a manager is available, a brief interview will be conducted.


An MVR is run for each applicant. This could be a minimum of 3 years up to complete driving history, depending on the state run.  


Once the MVR has been received, the application is forwarded to the Safety Department for review. The application is reviewed to determine if our qualifications are met based on the MVR and driving history.   If so, the employment and drug testing histories are processed. Please be advised that any prior positive drug test results in the last 3 years will immediately disqualify the applicant. After all information is obtained, Safety will again review the application and determine if applicant is approved or denied.


Once the applicant has been approved for hire, the applicant will be contacted by the Safety Department and scheduled for an Orientation Class.  The first week of Orientation class is spent in the classroom doing paperwork and reviewing policies and procedures.  Drivers that do not have car hauling experience are in class for an additional week of training, loading and unloading cars on our yard.  Experienced car haulers will be released after the first week of orientation.  Training is paid for company drivers at a rate of $650 per week.  All new hires are processed at our home terminal in Jacksonville, Florida.  Motel rooms and $100 travel money is provided to new hires (Company Drivers Only) that will be working at an outlying terminal (Brunswick, Commerce or Vance) that must travel to Jacksonville for orientation.


Note: Although we make every effort to obtain all necessary information prior to orientation, should any disqualifying information on an applicant not previously received be returned to the Safety Department during the class, the applicant will be dismissed from the class and will not be considered for employment.


As you can see, it generally takes up to a week or more to determine if an applicant qualifies for employment.  You should wait at least 3 to 5 days before contacting us regarding the status of your application.


Just click the 'Applications' link to the left or below, download the appropriate application, print it and then fill it out and send it back to us in one of 3 ways:


Fax: (904) 766-8561


E-mail: cchaney@centurionautologistics.com


Mailing Address:

Centurion Auto Transport - Safety Dept.

5912 New Kings Road

Jacksonville, FL 32209