To help get you started with Centrych we've provided the following:

Release notes    Details on the major features available in the current Centrych release.

Installation         Contains a copy of the installation sections from the full help file included in the live DVD.

Videos                 Contains several tutorials that walk through the configuration and use of select features available in Centrych.

If you're familiar with Dicewords (tm), which was developed by Arnold G. Reinhold, you may be interested in our extension of his concept:

DiceWords    We've expanded the concept by adding a 6th die and word lists of up to 46,000 words.
Note: while currently included with Centrych, we will have portable versions available for MacOS and Windows shortly.

DiceTables    This is a companion PDF document that includes 8 tables for generating random strings for 14 character sets using 3 dice.

Miscellaneous help links:

            SMTube    How to enable YouTube video downloads with the new release of SMTube

The Centrych live DVD comes with an extensive help document that is accessible within the live session.  After booting the DVD and starting the live session you can access the document from the main menu.

The help document was written using the Zim desktop wiki.  Once Centrych has been installed to your hard disk, the help document will be copied to your $HOME/Notebooks folder the first time you access it's menu icon.  This gives you a writable copy that you can now personalize with additional information relevant to Centrych, Linux, applications, and any other items of interest to you.