Live DVD
The following ISO images for the live DVD are hosted on

Note: the ISO source images have been deleted from Sourceforge as they have not been mirrored. Please read the source ISO section below for more information on obtaining these images.

12.04.3 Images
Please note that these are hybrid ISO images that can be copied directly to a USB disk of flash drive using the following command:

    dd if=centrych-desktop_12.04.3_<architecture>.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

The tag <architecture> will need to be replaced with either i386 or amd64, depending on the CPU your computer uses. It is also assumed that /dev/sdb is the drive you wish to write to. Be aware that this command will cause a complete loss of any previous data that was  present on the target drive.

Note: If you have an installation of Centrych created with a previously released disc you can read the upgrade notes for instructions on how to upgrade a current installation without the need to download one of these ISOs.

ISO image name                              MD5 sum
centrych-desktop_12.04.3_amd64.iso          fd90dd7cd0819b63434fcc641f7917e2        torrent
centrych-desktop_12.04.3_i386.iso           8e41be22131f551f8fe1d66ebbd45ef1        torrent

12.04.2 Images
You do not need to download these images if you had previously obtained a 12.04.1 disc.

ISO image name                              MD5 sum
centrych-desktop_12.04.2_amd64.iso          6dfb2748ce19f276203fee864bbba925
centrych-desktop_12.04.2_i386.iso           0cff74deff5605ed8f6803345d450d1c

12.04.1a Images
The following images are re-releases of the 12.04.1 discs. You do not need to download them if you had previously obtained a 12.04.1 disc. Please read this announcement for more information on the re-release.

ISO image name                              MD5 sum
centrych-desktop_12.04.1a_amd64.iso         c5b6e37bcab25275edf902631d29e105
centrych-desktop_12.04.1a_i386.iso          a3b94a4233d76f163cedc7a131a3f170

Multi-boot USB drive
Directions for creating a multi-boot USB flash drive for a pair of Centrych ISO images are available here.

Source code
In addition to the source ISO images listed below, source code for the Centrych project can be downloaded via the apt-get source <packagename> command.

Packages that were developed by the Centrych team are also hosted on

Source ISO Images
The following ISO source images are available for physical delivery, please send an email to with the disc(s) you want as well as your postal address so we can calculate the total cost for shipping, which also includes a nominal charge for materials.

These are live DVDs that also include a source repository. The repository contains source packages for every binary package present on the live DVD image. The source for packages that are installed separately are not included on the disc. They must be downloaded from their respective source repository.

ISO image name                              MD5 sum                             Until
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.1_amd64.iso   11adaa45bce4a88b34aa8ed271f1abcd    2016-10-25
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.1_i386.iso    82ab5abb62ab234c791d9786ba3c37e8    2016-10-25
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.1a_amd64.iso  c81dc1eb7ea043db79094847afd4f5ce    2016-11-07
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.1a_i386.iso   76c36edc7ad8a2ba81ee4ad58c00c41e    2016-11-07
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.2_amd64.iso   e615ce9f55d64216de01e71bcc5b1b2f    2016-11-08
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.2_i386.iso    ade3eb3bf6d477ce8da2ddf499990b2e    2016-11-08
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.3_amd64.iso   d30256adaf63ad34156c6f1753cff1cf    2016-11-28
centrych-desktop-source_12.04.3_i386.iso    ec1c9e8418b0d9e9a27038ba21dcd7a8    2016-11-28

Note: the until date is a requirement of the GPL 2 license.