What is CEGA?

CEGA-Argentine Center is non-profit organization - 501(c)3 - whose members are all volunteers. The objective is to create a network of Argentines living in the United States to organize social events, celebrate our culture and generate and promote initiatives to contribute to the development of Argentina.

CEGA in Numbers:   
  • Washington, DC: 1,500 members
  • New York: 600 members
  • Miami: 250 members
  • Alumnis in Argentina: 150 members
  • Texas and California: 100 members
In 2007-2008 for the Washington DC branche the total budget was of aprox U$s 30.000. The following are the sources of our budget:
  • Direct Donations for scholarships: U$s 15.000
  • Wine Tasting : U$s 10.000
  • Fundraising Events: U$s 5.000
  • Events: We organize aprox 40 events per year with over 2,000 participants.
Our Branches:  

 Washington DC
 New York

Martin Morales,
Jul 28, 2009, 11:00 PM