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The Writing Center

Mission Statement

A the Writing Center, we strive to enable and advance students’ participation in Centre’s community of learners and writers. The trained peer consultants meet individually with students to discuss any writing project. We consult on every stage of the writing process—from finding a topic to revising a draft. The goal of each consultation is to foster in students a greater consciousness of their thinking and writing, not to produce a flawless text.

What We Do

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations between students and trained peer consultants on a drop-in basis.  Our  consultants serve as friendly-but-critical readers. The typical consultation begins with a collaborative effort to identify priorities for the session. Student benefit most from sessions that occur at the planning, drafting, and revising stages, when there is still enough time for the writer to rethink ideas, argument, and evidence in creative and constructive ways.  Consultants will ask writers lots of questions and encourage students to recognize their own weaknesses and identify strategies for making changes and enhancing strengths. Ideally, this conversational exploration will prompt writers to refine both the argument and the prose for clarity and power.