The Swing

The swing had its beginnings in the spring of 2004 when a Centre student decided to install the swing. It was quickly taken down for the summer by Facilities due to safety concerns but an overwhelming number of student inquiries prompted Randy Hays to look into its return. Although it has changed appearances over the years, the swing has remained in the tree for many years and has very much become a part of the Centre story. A object that taps into the nostalgia of our youth and brings some simple fun to the stressed, busy lives of both Centre students and faculty, the swing displays authority through the emotion it inspires and the memories it collects. No one can doubt that it has a special place in the hearts of all Centre students, faculty, and the Danville community.  Many of us have wonderful memories of the swing. But who installed the swing? And how long has it been up there? What has it brought to the students that may have been missing before? And who would have guessed that there was ever a time when the swing did not hang from that tree in front of Old Centre? However, the swing is a very young tradition at Centre College and because of the organic nature of how this tradition began, the swing is enveloped in mystery and myth.

The website attempts to explore whether there is any inherent authority within the campus object of the swing. This is apart of a project for ARH 384 Art and Authority: The Power of Images, an art history class at Centre College. More information about the class and other projects being done by students within the class can be found here. All content was created by Sandy Zhang, Class of 2014.