Jack Radetsky

Jack Radetsky, American (1948- present)
Acrylic on Canvas (3 panels)
86 x 69 in
Gifted by Amie Karp of O.K. Harris Gallery
Norton Center for the Arts Permanent Collection

Shadowy leaves and an intense white light spilling from a lamp- these are not unusual in Jack Radetsky’s paintings. 

Radetsky has said “My paintings are about light, atmosphere and place. I have come to appreciate that atmosphere is not an object which can be painted, but is rather the byproduct of palette and an understanding of light and the absence of light, shadow." In Labyrinth, the ivy on the table is an actual plant, but looking closer reveals that the ferns covering the panels are just shadows. The image presented is mainly one of nature, but then you see that one lamp in the center of the painting and you wonder: Why is it there? Who turned it on? Where did they go and why?