Carnegie Library at Centre College

    In 1913, Centre College built the Carnegie Library (called Old Carnegie). Andrew Carnegie personally donated $30,000 for a new library under the condition that the college raised an additional $30,000 for building costs. Serving as the Centre’s library for fifty four years until the current Grace Doherty library was constructed in 1967.

    Old Carnegie is located on 600 West Walnut Street in Danville, KY which is the address for Centre College making it an important building on campus. Although no longer serving as the campus’ library, Old Carnegie is the home to career services center and the study aboard offices “Center for Global Citizenship". Proud of the building’s legendary donor, Centre honors Carnegie’s international philanthropy by having one the best study abroad programs of any college or university in the nation; sending 85% of its students abroad during their time at Centre and providing free passports for those whom do not one.

Links to the Centre College website and the Carnegie Corporation can be found below.

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