Moving Forward with Harmony in the Gospel of Christ........
Romans 12:4-5

Every church, at some point, experiences a time of transition, a so called season. At times these seasons of transition may be expected, and at other times they may be unexpected. However, scripture repeatedly teaches and confirms that The Lord is omnipotent and omniscient and that nothing catches Him by surprise. The reasons for a pastoral transition and the way it impacts a church can cover the wide spectrum of possibilities. It can be celebrative or heartbreaking. It can happen abruptly or unfold slowly over a period of months. Regardless of the specifics, the transition will indelibly mark the life of the church: for what once was, is now gone. The church will never be the same, for you can't repeat the past. As we reflect, we are grateful and thank The Lord for the fifteen-years of Leadership and Shepherding of Pastor Jeffrey Singletary.

In alignment with our name we are truly “Excited” for what the Lord has in store for Central. We are celebrating a new theme: “Moving Forward with Harmony in the Gospel of Christ.” Our 2016 ministry imperatives and strategies align with our Relationship to God; Relationship to gifts of the Spirit, our Relationship to other believers and our Relationship to unbelievers. We are committed to seeking Gods chosen man to do just that, one who can bring multitudes to the foot of the cross. Our mission is simple…."To Reach Tampa & Beyond for Christ by: Exalting the Savior; Evangelizing the Sinner; Enlisting the Servant; Equipping the Saved and Edifying the Saints through the Power of God's Holy Word."

With this bright and exciting future in mind, the Pastoral Search Committee is committed to assisting the ministry in finding the new Shepherd that the Lord has called to lead this fellowship. We ask that you pray that we will be sensitive to the Leading of the Holy Spirit as He confirms in our hearts the man that He has already selected for this assignment. We promise to you that we will be open and transparent in our activities and communications as we move through this process.

This website will serve as an excellent source of information. Regardless if you are a current member, an aspiring member, or a prospective Pastoral Candidate, we trust that you will find this resource as a helpful method to help you remained informed and up to date. Please join us in 2016 with the prayer of “Moving Forward with Harmony in the Gospel of Christ.” (Romans 12:4-5)

In God’s Grace and for His Glory,

The Members of the Pastoral Search Committee