Central Springs Running Club

Hello! As an initiative to keep Central Springs students active as well as reward those who are training in the offseason, Central Springs is starting a Running Club! For each goal reached, you will receive a dog tag. Each dog tag is a different color, so the goal is to continue to run and collect all the different color dog tags! Here is a video that might give you an idea to the procedure to documenting your miles. (CLICK HERE)

For those who want to see who is part of the club and their mileage, click here.


  • Must be a Central Springs 7th grader (summer going into 7th grade counts) through graduation, 12th grade.

  • Off Season Training/ Recreational running - In season at organized practice would not count.

  • A running App must be used to record your runs (ex. mapmyrun)

  • Screenshots of the mileage ran must be submitted within 24 hours of the run.

Documenting Procedure:

  • Running

    • Take a screenshot of your route, distance ran, and time on your phone

    • Email, or text message your screenshot to Mr. Pettengill

  • 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon

    • Take a picture of yourself with a bib number

    • Send your time and distance competed

    • Email, or message your picture to Mr. Pettengill

  • Treadmill Workout
    • Must be done at the school AND a teacher present
    • Take a picture of the time and distance on your phone
    • Email or text message your picture.

    • If you run in 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon, the distance will count double.


For those who have reached each goal will receive a dog tag with their accomplishments and their name on the backside.

Blue - 50 miles recorded

Black - 100 miles recorded

Bronze - 200 miles recorded

Silver - 300 miles recorded

Gold - 400 miles recorded  

Platinum - 600 miles recorded (???)

Diamond - 800 miles recorded (???)

??? - 1,000 miles recorded (???)

??? - 1,500 miles recorded (???)

The first student that meets “???” will have the opportunity to pick the color of the dog tag as well as picking the name for the 1,000 miles.