The church of the Lord is spread over all the globe, and is universal. All those are in it who have lived in the good of charity in accordance with their religion. The church, where the Word is, and by means of the Word where the Lord is known, is like the heart and lungs. (Heaven and Hell n.328 by Emanuel Swedenborg) Read Heaven and Hell here.

Christmas Altar

The Central Pennsylvania New Church circle of the New Church http://www.newchurch.org

Contact Mr. Meade Bierly, 431 Sunrise Blvd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022, 717-367-3964. Services held every 3rd Sunday of the month at Heritage House, Elizabethtown, PA.

Next Local Church Meetings:

Usually, the third Sunday of the month at 11am at 33 East High St., Elizabethtown, PA.

6/20/2021 next service.

Google maps for this location: http://goo.gl/maps/Qs06O