*********  NEW LOCATION!!!!!  *******

 Our next Business Meeting will be on Monday, February 12 at 1:15pm at Collector's Choice Restaurant in Snohomish - 215 Cypress Ave

Everyone is welcome!!

Come enjoy some lunch and hear about upcoming events. 

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Haggen is supporting schools while promoting wellness in our community!  Get your flu shot at Haggen in Snohomish (1301 Avenue D) before February 24, 2018, and they will donate a $1 to schools for every flu vaccine administered!  Stay healthy and help our schools!!!  Thank you, Haggen for supporting Snohomish Schools.

If you have an interest in helping out with our website and Facebook page, please contact Cheney McGowan at cheney@centralemerson.org...Thanks!


Here's to a GREAT year!!

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Your CEC-PTA Board for 2017-2018

Cheney McGowan - President
Megan Halliburton - Vice President
Zava LeRoux - Treasurer
Courtney Cole - Secretary

Upcoming Meetings:
All meetings are open to the entire
Central-Emerson Community

September 11: 1st Business meeting, 3:30pm - Central

September 28: General meeting, 5:45 - Central (maybe a pizza dinner meeting - Central's Open House will follow at 6:30-7:30pm)

October 17: Business meeting, 3:30pm - Emerson

November 13: Business meeting, 3:30pm - Central


January 8, 2018: Business meeting, 3:30pm - Emerson

January 18: General meeting, 6:30pm - Emerson

February 12: Business LUNCH meeting - 1:15 at Christa's Sandwich Board, Snohomish

March 12: Business meeting, 3:30pm - Central

April 16: Business meeting, 3:30pm - Emerson

April 26:  General meeting, 6:30pm - Emerson

May 14: Final Business meeting, 3:30 - Central