Scholarship Information

          -Deadline Oct. 6th 2015
Jones T-Shirt $1,000 Scholarship
           - Deadline September 12, 2016
SP 4 $10,000 Scholarships
           - Deadline September 14, 2016
VIP $5,000 Scholarship
           - Deadline September 16, 2016
Siemens 18 $100,000 Scholarships
         - Deadline September 20, 2016
You Deserve It $1,000 Scholarship
        - Deadline September 29, 2016 
Review It $1,000 Scholarship
           - Deadline September 30, 2016 
Scholastic Art And Writing 75 $1,000 Scholarships  
          -Deadline September 30, 2016
         - Deadline October 3, 2016 
        - 100 scholarships available
        - Deadline: Jan. 15th, 2017
- designed for students who have faced challenges of               personal and/or financial hardships
        -30 $2,000 awards
        -Application open Nov. 1, 2016- Feb. 17, 2017
 -30 Families win $1,500 savings deposit through College Savings Plan Parent Giveaway
-Registration open Sept. 12, 2016
Iowa Newspaper Foundation Scholarships:
- Variety of scholarships designed for those entering the field of journalism, communications, mass-media ect.
-Application Deadline February 9, 2018
Iowa College Aid- State Scholarships and Grants:
-Variety of scholarships and grants for Iowa students. Award amounts and deadlines vary.  Scholarships/grants include:
-All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant
-All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship
-Education and Training Voucher Grant
-GEAR Up Iowa Grant
-Governor Terry E. Brandstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship
-Iowa Barber&Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Tuition Grant
-Iowa National Guard Educational Assistance Program (NGEAP)
-Iowa Tuition Grant
-Iowa Vocational-Technical Grant
-Kibbie Grant (Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant)
-Robert D. Blue Scholarship
Hagan Scholarship Foundation:
-Scholarship designed for students in Rural Communities.  Awards range from $1,000-$40,000
-Deadline, November 15th
E. Wayne Cooley Scholarship:
-Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union scholarship
-One nominee per high school
-One $15,000 scholarship, Five finalist awards of $1,000
-Deadline December 31st 
Robert Smiley Scholarship:
-Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union scholarship
-2.5 GPA; Received Varsity Letter in one sport each year of high school
-$1,000 award
-April 1st, 2017 Deadline
Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Scholarship Application:
-60 $2,000 scholarships
-Applicants must have Masonic Connections
-Deadline of February 1st, 2017
MCEC Technical Scholarship Application:
-Designed for students enrolling in mechanical or trade course school at an Iowa Community College
-Masonic Connection preferred, not required
-Amount awarded varied
-Deadline March 1st, 2017
Aspiring Fashion Professionals Scholarship:
-$1,000 award
-Deadline June 1, 2017
Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship:
-$1,000 award
-Deadline June 1, 2017
Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship:
-$1,000 award
-Deadline June 1, 2017
-4 $1,000 awards
-Deadline December 31, 2016
Andrew Flushe Scholarship 
-2 $500 awards
-November 30, 2016 Deadline
Caption Scholarship
-1 Award - $500
-November 30, 2016 Deadline
Zumper Apartments Scholarship
-2 Awards - $1,00)
-November 15, 2016 Deadline
SP Scholarship:
-10 Awards - $10,000
-October 31, 2016 Deadline
VIP Scholarship:
-1 Award - $5,000
-October 31, 201 Deadline
JCI Foundation Scholarship:
-$1,000 Award
-Application Deadline January, 20th, 2017 
-questions directed to Joanne Schwabb
Norby's Distributing Scholarship:
-GPA 2.5 or Higher
-One Student Selected from Elakder
Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship:
-30 $2,000 awards
-Deadline February 17th, 2017
Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI) and the Clayton Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarship:
-Students pursuing agriculture or natural science degrees
-February 17, 2017 deadline 
-Award ranges from $600-$4,0000
Veridian Credit Union Scholarship:
-Must have Veridian Account in student name
-Deadline February 3rd, 2017
Abdelkader Essay Contest:
-Deadline April 15th, 2017
Iowa School Counseling Association Scholarship
-Deadline January 15, 2017
Shari Harbaugh Memorial Scholarship
-Deadline March 1, 2017
-Two $500 Awards
-See School Counselor for Application
America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship:
-Application Deadline February 1st, 2017
-Available to students pursuing ag related careers
-$1,500 award
-Do NOT need to be in FFA
Keep Iowa Beautiful Byers Environmental 
-Five (5) $1,000 awards
-Deadline January 6, 2017
Sally Gearhart Memorial Scholarship:
-$10,000 award to students attending the University of Northern Iowa pursuing a degree in Elementary Education
-Deadline January 15th, 2017
-Apply through UNI General Scholarship Application
Healthcare Career Scholarship:
-$3,000 award for up to two years renewal
-Available to students entering the Health Care field
-deadline March 30th, 2017
Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Educations Scholarships:
-Applicants committed to pursue degree in automotive related studies
-15 $2,000 awards
-Deadline March 1, 2017
Bodensteiner Implement Company and John Deere FFA Scholarship:
-2 $2,000 scholarships
-Planning to attend either 2 or 4 year institution
-Must be in FFA
-Deadline February 1st, 2017
Robert "Bill" Hauschild Memorial Scholarship:
-Minimum of $500 award
-Available to students looking into Electrical Field
-Deadline March 1st, 2017
Masonry Institute of Iowa Foundations Scholarship: Charles Nicolay Educational Foundation Scholarship
-Pursuing degree in masonry, construction, architect, or engineering to be eligible
-March 10th Deadline
ICAN Outstanding Student Scholarship Honoring Steve Loven:
-Two $250 one-time scholarships
-Iowa high school seniors graduating in 2017
-Attending a two- or four-year institution in Iowa -beginning in Fall 2017.
-Due March 1, 2017
• Parent or guardian must be an active patron of IAS
• Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who will be majoring in an agricultural related field of study
• Applicant must attend an accredited college or university
• Applicant must enroll as a full-time student
Clayton County Pheasants Forever Scholarship:
-$500 Award
-Majoring in conservation (biology, wild life, agriculture, etc.)
-Deadline April 1st, 2017
-Application must include:
    -Full Name
    -Complete Address
    -Phone Number
    -Name of School District
    -College Major
    -Typed Essay of 500 words or less why you are                    deserving of this scholarship
    -Mail application to:
            Kim Klocke
            10831 322nd St.
            Arlington, IA 50606
            Phone: 536-380-0569
Foundation for Rural Services Scholarship- Alpine Communications:
-Awards ranging from $2,000-$7,000
-Must be endorsed by Alpine Communications by Feb. 15th
-Deadline March 1st, 2017
-Numerous scholarships with various awards
-Deadline March 8th, 2017
Mercy Medical Center 2017 Nursing Scholarship:
-Must be pursuing degree in nursing at a 4 year college
-$500 award
Deadline March 24, 2017
Ann Griffel Girls Golf Scholarship:
-Senior girls who have participated in high school golf
-must be pursuing higher degree at an Iowa Institution 
-$2,000 award
-Deadline March 17, 2017
Herman Sani Boys Golf Scholarship:
-Senior boys who have participated in high school golf
-$8,000 award
-Deadline March 17, 2017
DMACC Foundation Scholarship:
-Available to seniors attending DMACC in Fall 2017
-Deadline March 3rd, 2017
Iowa Communication Alliance Scholarship:
-Deadline March 24, 2017
-Must be an Alpine Communication customer to be eligible 
Clayton County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship:
-Preference will be given by the Clayton County Cattlemen’s Association to the deserving student who has chosen to further their education in the field of agriculture;  applicants that have been involved in the beef industry as a youth. Examples of this could include: working on a family beef operation; involved with a beef project through 4-H or FFA; or working on a local beef farm.
-Application available with school counselor
-Deadline March 15, 2017
Children's Cancer Connection Scholarship:
-Available to students who have directly been affected by childhood cancer (themselves, siblings before age of 18)
-Living and treated in the state of Iowa
-GPA 2.5 or higher
-$500-$5000 awards
-Deadline May 26, 2017
-See counselor for application
Viafield Ag Scholarships:
-6 $1,000 awards
-must be pursuing a degree in agriculture
-Parents must be a member of Viafield 
-Deadline March 17, 2017
NE Iowa Community Action Cooperation Scholarship:
-awarded to low income individuals in service area
-Deadline April 17th, 2017
Donna Wessel Spirit Scholarship:
-$500 Award
-Eligible students must have two consecutive years participation in an extra curricular activity.  
-Current High School Junior (class of 2018)
-Grade Point Average of 2.5 or above
-Current resident of the United States of America
-Participant in individual or team sport sponsored by school or local club
-Deadline May 31st, 2017
United States JCI Senate Foundation:
  •  $1,000 
  • Graduating HS Seniors who plan to continue education at accredited post-secondary college, university, or vocational school
  • Must be US citizen
  • Personal statement needed
  • Application online at: 
  • Deadline: January 5, 2018
Louie Eberhardt Memorial Scholarship:
-One $250 Award
-Be a current 4H or FFA Member
-Have the option to write an essay or create a short video clip on the following:
-What have you learned through 4H and/or FFA and how will you use that later in life-Bulleted list of the activities and or offices you have held in 4H or FFA
- Letter of recommendation covering applicants character and personal abilities
-Need to be enrolled in a college or trade school program for at least one full year. Winner will receive scholarship after one full semester, pending first semester GPA of 2.5 or higher
-Deadline is Saturday, April 29th at 11:59 pm to to be reviewed by 4H club and Family.
American Legion Post 106 Scholarship:
-Applicant must be a Central Community School senior.
-Applicant must be accepted into an accredited institution (university, college, technical or vocational school).
-Applicant must complete the application, including the letter of recommendation and essay, and return by the deadline date of April 21, 2017
-Application available with school counselor
  • Award amount: $2,000
  • Open to high school seniors or college students who are legal residents of the United States
  • Scholarship payable to the winner who should be living in the United States
  • Student must enroll in semester beginning no later than Winter 2018
  • Winner is not based on financial need
  • Relatives of Home Service Club staff may not enter
  • Home-schooled students may apply so long as your course of study is equivalent to a high school senior
  • Applicants required to submit a video (see scholarship page for details)
  • Applicants required to “like” The Home Service Club’s Facebook page to be considered
  • Deadline: December 1st, 2017
  • $6,500 Award Program for Iowa High School Juniors
  • In the spring of Junior year, students submit a project proposal and 2 letters of recommendations.  15 Students are selected based on the ambitious nature of the project and detailed plans to reach the project goal.
  • Submit online application by March 15th, 2018