Teacher Leadership and Compensation Funding Information

Central DeWitt CSD’s mission remains, “Each and every K-12 student will learn and demonstrate understanding of the Iowa Core for life in the 21st Century.”  Our continual pursuit of this mission includes recruitment and retention of quality teachers, refinement of classroom teaching practices, and promotion of excellence for each and every student.  The Central TLC Plan not only provides leadership opportunities for increasing compensation, but the Plan supports our work and mission to truly “prepare each and every student for life in the 21st Century.”

The Central DeWitt Community School District TLC Plan was developed over a course of nearly two years.  We met several times with multiple stakeholder groups including the TLC Planning Committee, School Board, School Improvement Advisory Committee, District Academic Team (DLT), and the entire teaching staff.  In January 2014, these groups advised the TLC Committee to continue working for cohesion of the plan and not apply for first round TLC funds. These efforts were administered to ensure our plan was a true reflection of our district mission and fit for initiatives in place. Model 3 is our choice.

TLC Plan Theory of Action

If Central DeWitt CSD increases the number of teacher leadership roles and provides additional professional growth pathways with TLC funds, then we will attract new teachers, provide more opportunities for collaboration, improve student learning, increase academic achievement and develop more effective teachers who want to remain in the District.

TLC Goals

Goal #1:  Provide professional growth pathways and opportunities for teachers with increased leadership responsibilities including additional compensation for retention of effective teachers

Goal #2: Provide teachers with a collaborative opportunity to work towards improving a specific aspect of their teaching and promote that collaboration by developing and supporting teachers in Central CSD

Goal #3: Improve the student learning experience and increase academic achievement by strengthening instruction through the development of more effective teachers

Goal #4: Utilize the experience and resources of veteran teachers by creating leadership positions and enhanced career opportunities

Goal #5: Attract new, quality teachers to the Central CSD

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