Drama Department

NOVEMBER 1-3, 2019

Description of Characters

Nurse Smith: A kindly, good-natured person, preferably rather young

Nurse Jones: An impatient, demanding sort of person, who will never quite get used to the actions of the patients. Probably older than Miss Smith

Art Teacher: A tall, dark woman, preferably, who takes her work seriously. She is in a perpetual feud with the Music Teacher

Music Teacher: Great and Powerful lungs, and does she use them.

History Teacher: A dramatic, nervous, erratic woman

Principal: Serious, never forgetting that she is the Principal. Pompous and bigotted.

English Teacher: A joyful person during playtime, but serious when she is teaching. She is the chief comedy part and should play it with abandon.

Gym Teacher: Very dynamic and with an abundance of energy. She seems to fairly force her way through life. She must also be coy and bashful during her scenes with Dr. Sullivan.

Doctor Van: The leading man type: Nice-looking, kind and jovial.

Mr. Arthur: A rather dignified man. Inclined to be an “I-told-you-so” type, but still likable.

Florence Ware: Chic young woman, - not dumb, but never quite knowing just what everything is about in this asylum.

Doctor Sullivan: A very dandified and pompous man. During his scenes he always maintains an air of dignity, until he finally gets the opportunity of trying his theories. In this scene he is almost carried away with his own importance and with joy at his prospects.