MyCentiMark Local Login - Help

Welcome to the MyCentiMark Local Customer Portal home page

You have arrived at this page because you probably need some help.    We have organized this site to help you find what you need so that you can effectively use the portal.

- the training videos tab contains three brief (5 minutes or so) movies that demonstrate how to use various features (logging in using a service order, registering for the website and logging into the site using a registered user login and password.

- the training powerpoints tab contains some brief presentations / screenprints on how to use the portal.  Again, the same three main features are listed here

- the Frequently Asked Questions lists some common questions that you may have along with the answers

- finally the contacts and downloads page contain some other useful links including phone numbers and emails if you need to contact somebody

We hope that these resources help you in your use of the system

Thanks...The CentiMark Team