Fifth Grade Science                                                                         Centerville-Abington Elementary 

   Welcome back to school and to our exciting new grade level. Fifth grade has so much to offer a student that is willing to take advantage of it. We are in a separate building, with new expectations, different teachers, and are expected to be more responsible than we ever have been before.

I am excited to be teaching 5th grade science. Science is often thought of as one of the most enjoyable classes. Fifth grade science can be that subject. I will plan an exciting field trip, computer based projects, class participation, and multiple opportunities for hands on projects. However, there will be work,  note taking, homework, tests, and studying to do also.

Every classroom is different, and every teacher has different expectations. Here are the basics of what will be expected of students and parents in fifth grade science.

1.    One of the most unique things I will be doing this year in science class will be the participation grades. This is the fifth grade version, but will be found in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science classes.

We will be using Classroom Dojo on a daily basis to track of participation. This will be made available to the students and parents through special codes online. Students will earn points for following classroom rules, earning good grades, and participation (reading aloud, answering questions, helping others, etc..).  

The Dojo Participation will be turned into a grade at the end of each nine weeks period. Students will be expected to earn 30 points each nine weeks for an “A” grade. This grade will count as two tests and is considered very important.

2.    Be prepared for homework and projects. These will be expected to be turned in on the due date given. Late or missing work will result in a card. I will accept late work if completed (up until the end of the nine-weeks). Not all teachers will be willing to take late work. However, I will not ask for it. Students will need to be proactive and bring it to me.

 For my room, I will assign all normal homeworks on Monday, and they will be due on Friday.  So on Monday, you will know what homework will be due in my class, and I encourage everyone to plan accordingly.  Homeworks at the beginning of the year will be done as a class, then phased into being done in class, and finally being done at home. They will mostly consist of a reading passage with questions and an open-note quiz on Friday.

 3.    Every student needs to be responsible and organized. Students will need to take an active part in what they learn. I EXPECT YOUR BEST, YOU SHOULD GIVE BEST, PARENTS WILL PUSH FOR YOUR BEST, AND YOU CAN DO IT.

 4.    All students are expected to come to class prepared. This will mostly include having a sharpened pencil, assignment book, AR book, and text book. We will use other materials such as scissors or crayons on occasion and it will be posted outside my door on those days. They are expected to be in your lockers until then.

 5.    Grades- Grades will be weighted based on the level of

independent work and/or time spent to complete.

A test is taken without any opportunity for help and will be worth more than a homework assignment where students could have multiple opportunities for help.

Grades will be posted as quickly as possible, but not until all students have completed and turned in the assignment. This can really slow down the posting if a student from any section is out sick for an extended amount of time.

 6.    The entire school will still be using the “card” system. This can be found in the student handbook and in the “Fifth grade general information for parents.”

 7.    Periodically we will have additional SSR (reading for AR), so each student will be expected to have an AR book every day in class. I have a modest classroom library that will not be open during our normal class period. If you do not have an AR book with you at class then a science book will be given to you at the cost pulling a card.

 8.    Assignment books- Students will be expected to bring these to every class. We will fill ours out for science on Monday, and rarely add to it during the week. I will only sign it on Mondays. If parents send me a note, the student must make me aware of this, because I will not check them every day in class.


BOOKMARK THE WEBSITE!!! My website will include everything I think a parent might need from my room. It has a link to a calendar that will have all the assignments listed. Links to online resources to help study for tests. It has all the science homework pages in pdf. These can be printed and turned in for grades if the assignment is lost or forgotten at school.  Even pictures of what we are doing in class.

 10.  Contacting me—The best way to get to me is through e-mail.  I will of course respond to notes through students, or phone calls made to school, but e-mail is the easiest and most practical for me.