This page is for all Rose Hamilton and Centerville-Abington Elementary students. 
On this page, there will be important information coming up, what students are working on, events coming up, achievements the classes make, community music events, and pictures of the classrooms. There will also be links to songs students can practice with at home.
Important Information

At home learning assignments are posted for CES students in google classroom. These activities are also for quarantined or isolated students.

Rose Hamilton at home learning activities will be on the same table as their packets.

Rose Hamilton:
Facebook: @rosehamiltonelementarymusic

Centerville-Abington Elementary:
Google Classroom
Facebook: @centervilleabingtonelementarymusic
Classroom News

Rose Hamilton:
If you are an at-home learner, you can find the weekly activities under the Rose at Home tab. There are also printed copies on the table where students homeroom work is found.

Centerville-Abington Elementary:
Online assignments are posted in google classroom. These activities are for online, quarantined, and isolated students. Please email me for any questions!