Block Scheduling

  • At Centerville Junior High School and Centerville High School we have an “alternating-day” block schedule in which students take eight 90-minute classes that meet every other day.
  • We call the alternating days Blue Days and White Days.  You will have four 90-minute classes each day that meet every other day.
  • If your schedule is Blue 1 Math, Blue 2 Language Arts, Blue 3 - SRT (Study Hall) and Blue 4- Art
  •                               White 1 Science, White 2 Geography, White 3- Choir, and White 4 - PE   
  • On alternating days, for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week would be all your Blue Classes and Tuesday and Thursday would be your white classes, then the following week it would be the opposite you would have Blue Classes on Tuesday and Thursday and White Classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.