Math 7 & Accelerated Math

Wilson C. Riles Middle School
4747 PFE Rd.
Roseville, CA 95747

Math 7 – Mrs. Lunsford

 Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,


 Course Outlines:

  • Located on our WCR webpage at
  • Each student will be given a paper copy of our book to take home and keep there for homework and studying. Our text also has on-line help for each lesson.

 Class Procedures:

  • Students will take out only necessary materials and put backpack under their feet before the bell.
  • At the bell, students will have necessary materials out & while a teacher is checking on homework.
  • On Mondays, homework will be on the board for the entire week to copy into your agenda, can also be found on my website.
  • Each student is responsible for bringing their own supplies, math composition book, & student planner to class everyday!

 Grade info:

  • To keep you informed as to how your child is doing, we have on-line progress reports available through our Parent/Student Portal.  Also, I have a website with class work, homework and projects listed. 
  • Students will be using a math composition book to show class work everyday.  Homework will be assigned most nights every week.  Students need to attempt all problems. Homework is due the following day. 
  • Group Assignments and Points will include projects that groups do together, group quizzes, and students will be given participation points for their group work.
  • Individual test are given at the end of each chapter.  To help motivate success, every student will have the opportunity to correct and/or repeat any failed test or quiz and receive the greater score.  In order to retake a test or quiz students will to do test corrections to show that they have learned specific skills.  Additional information on this will be given to students later and posted on my website.   
  • Remember math is cumulative and past concepts are always included!

 Help Sessions:

  • Math department has tutoring available after school in Husky Help, (days to be determined after school), 2:25 – 3:25.  Tutoring will start soon, so watch for news from teachers.

 Materials/Required Supplies: Students will need supplies no later than Tuesday, August 13th,     

  • Pencils, erasers & 1 highlighter--- NO PENs on math assignments EVER
  • 2 composition books (we will use one to start with)
  • Lined paper – for homework  ---  graph paper for homework (Honor students)
  • 1+ dry eraser markers w/ eraser
  • Scotch tape or glue stick
  • Post- its

(Extra items- you could buy)

  • Scientific calculator (not expensive)
  • Kleenex and Clorox wipes (for class – school does not supply)

 Absence Procedures:

  • If you are absent, please check agenda to see what problems were assigned or if you need to pick up a worksheet or notes.


  • If you need to use the restroom, do it during passing period.  
  •  Parents:  If your child has a special need, please contact me.

 I am looking forward to working with you and your student this year.  If you need to contact me, please email.


Mrs. Lunsford


How can I help my child in math?

  • Student should fill out an agenda daily and parent's should check nightly.  Parent's can contact teacher's if there are question's. 
  •  Parent's and student's can check teacher's website for assignments, or homework help. 
  •  Parent's and student's should check grades online at least once a week, for current grades.
  •  Student's should spend a minimum of one hour doing homework each day.  If there is no assignment to complete, student's should read or review notes from classes.
  •  Student's can attend after-school Husky Help, for help to complete work and organize school materials.  Parent's can have teacher sign agenda book for verification of attendance.
  • Parent's can help establish a routine for doing homework at home each night or after noon and check to see how work is being complete

Common Core Information


Here is some information about Common Core Math that our math team would like to share with parent's.  We have provided a couple of links with a broad sense of learning standards to help with information about new standards.   

 Here's a PTA resource

 Here is a "road map" for parents put out by the Council of Great City Schools