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X the Text                 

Do you really know the effects of texting and driving? According to Allstate Insurance...        

  • Texting takes your eyes off the road an average of 5 seconds at a time.  At 55 mph, that's like driving the length of a football field, completely blind!
  • Texting and driving is like driving after having 4 beers
  • Texting and driving makes us 23 times more likely to crash.
  • Car crashes kill an average of 11 teens each day.
  • Distracted driving injures 330,000 people every year.

Texting and driving is an sweeping epidemic that has left a path of heartache and loss for families across the nation.  To combat these tragic consequences, Allstate Insurance has launched an X the Text Campaign. At the CHS College and Career Fair in March, Center's FNL chapter embraced X the Text, educating fellow students of the fatal consequences of Texting and Driving.  CHS students signed the TXTING KLLS, Don't Text & Drive pledge.   

"Having Distracted Driving Week not only brought our school coser together, it had an effective message that opened the eyes of many students.  As a Friday Night Live Club we've decided to continue publicizing the facts of being a distracted driver," stated Deon Dates, member of FNL at CHS. 

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Families can join the X the Text movement by signing the TXTING KLLS, Don't Text & Drive pledge.  For more information or to download the pledge, go to

CHS Students sign the TXTING KILLS, Don't Text & Drive Pledge at the CHS College & Career Fair in March, 2011.                                                         

Center HS Friday Night Live Program Embraces Opportunities to Serve

Ms. Perez, FNL Advisor, poses with FNL members outside Mistywood Retirement Community. 

The state-wide Friday Night Live (FNL) program is designed to build leadership skills, provide opportunities for community service, and prevent alcohol and drug use among teenagers.  

In October 2010, Center High School counselor, Ana Perez, launched a Friday Night Live chapter at CHS. By bringing FNL to CHS Mrs. Perez hoped to provide awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving while creating opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and experience a sense of belonging.  Mrs. Perez jumped into her club advisor role with two feet, actively recruiting students and initiating meaningful meetings and activities that support the goals of FNL.  Perez’s enthusiasm was quickly noticed by the Sacramento County Office of Education who awarded her with the Dedication to Youth Award. 

FNL activities are designed to encourage positive peer influence and provide opportunities for leadership and community service.  In the short time since the inception of the Center High School FNL chapter, student leaders have enthusiastically embraced this charge, successfully executing several service projects.

In January, FNL kicked off a book drive to benefit the Placer County SPCA.  CHS students and staff donated 180 books.  These books will be sold in the Placer County SPCA Second Chances Thrift Store in Roseville.  Proceeds from the sale will help the Placer County SPCA ensure that “every adoptable companion animal in Placer County has a home.”

In February, eleven FNL chapter members visited Mistywood Retirement Home.  There they were challenged to a game of trivia with residents on one team and CHS students on another.  After a close battle, the residents pulled ahead winning the trivia challenge 50-42.  Dion Dates, 11th grader, was surprised by the experience noting that the residents were interactive with the high school students and not shy as he had expected.  Following the trivia game, 91 year old resident, Anita, asked if any of the students would like to Cha-Cha.  Isaiah Caldwell, 9th grader, graciously accepted Anita’s offer and the pair wowed onlookers with style and grace. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Perez and the members of Center High School’s Friday Night Live Program for their efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.