is an interdisciplinary approach to inquiry and discovery in which students collaborate and innovate to solve relevant, real-world problems.


STEM is an acronym that simply stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Integrating these ideas into the curriculum to emphasize problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration are intended to give students a head start on the skills they will need in the workforce. Building interest in this subject matter for young people can open doors to careers in STEM fields that where job growth far exceeds the candidates for those positions. By emphasizing STEM in Center Grove we are giving students a set of skills and interests that can take them into high paying careers after college or even through some specialized training in high school.  Project Lead the Way classes at Center Grove High School introduce students to the world of engineering and design. Teachers at all grade levels are introducing problem-solving and design challenges to their students. Technology and computer science classes give students skills that have wide-ranging practical application in our community. 

Impact of STEM in CG

The most significant impact our STEM initiative has had on students is exposure to a new type of learning. We have seen students thrive because they are highly engaged and enjoy working collaboratively with their classmates. They have an opportunity to make a difference in the world by solving problems. We have also made a large impact on our teachers. Our STEM instructional coaches are able to model best practices in a student-centered environment, and we see that spilling over into their own classrooms. We are encouraging teachers to embrace the innovator's mindset and design lessons that support these elements.

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Project-Based Learning (PBL)

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