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Using Blabberize for Student Reports

posted Mar 11, 2015, 8:46 AM by Jenna Cooper

My name is Angie Snodgrass, and I teach third grade at Maple Grove Elementary.

One of my favorite technology lessons is to utilize the website with my students.   I learned about this website from my husband, Mark, a few years ago.  Once I saw this, I knew my students would love publishing a research report in this way.

Over the years, I have altered the content of what the students use for this project, but all have the same idea.  I used the website with an animal research report this year.  After students finished the research/ writing project, they selected a picture to use in Blabberize.  Once the image is uploaded, the students outlined the mouth and recorded themselves reading the research report.

The finished product is a talking image that gives all of those wonderful details of the topic. Check out a few student examples of Blabberize projects.

Helpful tips to get started:

  • Items needed:

    • Each student will need to create an account using his/ her school email.  (I did this for my third graders.)

    • I used student desktop computers because the students couldn’t access my file of images from the Chromebooks.  I did have a parent volunteer create the file of images prior to the students’ time on the website.

    • Microphones to plug into the computer- One per student desktop computer.

    • Student instruction sheet (linked here)

  • Model the steps using the instruction sheet.

  • Follow the linked document for step-by-step instructions for students to begin on  (Thanks to Betsy Leavitt for creating this document.)

    • Number 6 will be different based upon your location or the location of where you want the student to get the image.

The students have so much fun with this project.  They are completely engaged with the website.  I do post the students’ completed Blabberize projects on the class webpage so they can view the work of their classmates.  I do hope that you will give this a try!