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Tech Enhanced Questions

posted Mar 9, 2015, 9:51 AM by Jenna Cooper   [ updated Mar 9, 2015, 10:03 AM ]

My name is Carrie Dilley and I teach 5th grade at Maple Grove Elementary.

When I saw the “tech enhanced questions” on the first round of Acuity last fall I panicked.  These questions are HARD.  Not only do you have to know how to solve the problem or answer the question, you have to know how to do the “tech enhanced” part, too!

But when I really stopped to examine the questions, I realized that they were garnering a lot of valuable information--and a lot more information that just a regular multiple choice question!  I decided that this type of question needed to be a part of everyday life in my classroom.  We needed to talk about them, practice them, and maybe even write some of our own.

Each week on my blog I post a new “tech enhanced question” that I write using Google Forms.  Questions are available on Fridays and we go over them on Mondays.  I’m able to see students' answers using the Google Form Responses page that automatically generates when you create a Google Form.  Students who complete the question are given a small reward.  I make this a work-at-home problem because it shows parents the types of things we are working on in class and gives the students the opportunity to talk through these questions with someone who is not me!  They hear me talk a lot and I think exposure to new ways of doing things is a good thing for kids.

So far they’ve been, for the most part, the “checkbox” sort of question.  I think these questions are especially challenging for students.  The basics of this type of question are fairly simple: students are presented with a question or problem and given a list of five or so options to choose from.  There could be one correct answer, there could be two, or three…….I’ve noticed that the more we practice the better they get at answering these types of questions!

Check out my tech enhanced questions here.