App of the Week: Popplet Lite  

by Angie Teed

This app is on all K, 1, and 2 student iPads this year and has endless creative possibilities!  Popplet lite is a graphic organizer app.  Students can double tap the screen to add a new text box and then they can either type in it, draw in it, or add a picture from their photo library on it.  If they touch and drag the small gray circles outside of the text box, they can then link to other text boxes.  A really cool feature of this app is that students can then click the “export” button and email a pdf or jpeg of their graphic organizers to you!  (Please note:  Make sure students understand that their whole graphic organizer must fit on the screen before they choose to export.  They can make it smaller by dragging their fingers together while touching the screen.  The app basically takes a screen shot.)  A quick Popplet I did is below!  Students could make a popplet about what they think a word means, a character in a book, a math concept, etc! 

 Popplet 2