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Google Sheets Projects in the Tech Lab

posted Mar 6, 2015, 3:51 AM by Jenna Cooper

My name is Chad Wade and I’m the Technology Lab teacher at Sugar Grove Elementary.

If there is something odd about me that you must know it is that I love spreadsheets.  I make them for everything in both my job and in my personal life.  Whether it is the salaries for the Indianapolis Colts or the layout of the Greenwood Mall, I like to take information and see if it can be represented as a spreadsheet.  I do my best to share my enthusiasm for spreadsheets with my students.

In Fourth Grade we are just beginning a multiple week project using Google Sheets to learn some geographical facts about our Indiana counties.  The fourth graders work in small groups to enter the names of all 92 counties.  In the upcoming weeks we will paste in the county seats, and use the already provided data for county populations, housing units and area to format cells, sort data, and create simple functions in order to interpret our data.

This unit has become much easier to do with Google Drive.  The students can log in to their Google Drive accounts from any computer at school or home and access their projects.  Good bye flash drives!  My fourth graders have also learned how to share their files.  That way they can still contribute to their group’s final product even when they can’t meet with their group in person.

Here are a few pictures of students working.

IMG_0014 (4).JPG