Official Results:  Here is the complete list of all students that placed in an Education Contest at the State Fair.  Please click on the link.

This Website has been developed to assist students in signing up for the 2013 Nebraska State Fair Education Contests.  We have created a website to give you the information that you will need to know. Included are a list of contests, competition schedules, links to the contest description and rules, ticket information, and will serve as a bulletin board for updates and information.

Please visit this site regularly to keep current of any changes, additions, or deletions.
Recent changes:  The Penmanship Prompts are online under the Penmanship Contest.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:  jeff.johnson@centennialbroncos.org.  I can also be reached at 402-534-2321 during regular school hours.

The form for the Discount tickets for family members:  If you are planning on ordering these tickets, please send this order directly to the fair. Order them soon and pick them up at the main gate. Ticket Form

Contests Available - Please Click on the Link Below for the Master List of Contests