Background - 

There are a lot of opportunities to earn cash and materials for our school.  This website will help you to learn about these opportunities and how you can help. This will enable the school to raise money for special programs and opportunities for the students.  

Each of these programs are different in how much they pay out, or what kinds of materials they provide.  The beauty of these opportunities is that they do not require to students to do any selling. All you have to do is provide materials to the school that you would either be throwing out in the trash or recycling anyways. The school is not telling you to go out and buy these products, nor are we endorsing them either.  But if you do, please let us benefit from your purchases.

Just between the Boxtops For Education and Tyson A+ programs alone, Centennial has raised over $18,000 since 1996.  These monies have helped to bring in special programs and assemblies, purchase playground equipment, and pick up some special materials that were not in the budget.

Programs We Are Participating In:

    1. General Mills - Boxtops For Education
    2. Our Family Products - Labels For Learning
    3. Land O' Lakes - Save 5 for Schools - Milkcap Program (The Save 5 For Schools program will be terminating this summer.  Please continue to save eligible tops as we will be sending them in to Land O' Lakes one final time in September.)
    4. Coca Cola - Coke Rewards For Schools
    5. Tyson Foods - Project A+ For Schools
    6. Campbell's Soup - Labels For Education

Your Help

We do know that there are other programs available.  If you come across any, please contact Jeff Johnson at the school by phone or e-mail.  We can't promise that we will take it on, but we will give it a good look it over to see how it would fit in with the other programs we are taking part in.