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Communication to Key Contacts July 14

Following the consultations with members the SIS Project Panel and Team provided  recommendations to the IT Steering Committee and then to the Board regarding the scope of the SIS and the next steps in the project.

It has been agreed that the scope of the project to be pursued into the next phase is as follows:
  • Learner Management including: 
    • Enrolment
    • Learner information
    • Learner exit
    • Year roll-over
    • Alumni
  • Well-being including:
    • Health and safety management, 
    • Custody and Access management
    • Disability Support 
    • Special Learning Programs
    • Career Planning
    • Counselling Services
    • Students at risk
    • Incident management
  • Calendars
  • Attendance,
  • Timetable Management
  • Assessment of Learning - Reporting of Student Achievement
  • Assessment for Learning - external data
  • Financial Management including:
    • Financial Activities
    • Fees Management
    • Treasury Management 
    • Asset Management
    • Inventory Management
  • Staff Data (not HR)
  • Program Partnership Management
  • Parent and Student Portals
This includes all the modules discussed with members in the consultations with some changes and additions.  The full list of update Business Process Mappings and Rules and Requirements can be found on the ONCE site in the SIS Project Documents

The next phase of the projects has three stages ending in an RFQ for the potential solutions for the SIS.

For this next phase in the project there has been a change to the structure of the project.  The Project Panel has been disbanded following the determination of the project scope.  The current Project Team will be essentially retained with some members continuing on and is being renamed the Business Functions Team.  This Team will focus on the ensuring the procured product(s) meets the scope and business requirements as defined in the scoping exercise and documented in the requirements, and to provide advice across the project teams of any variations to functional requirements a potential system may impose. Two new teams are being established The first is  a Technical Team that will focus on the underlying technical aspects of the procured product(s) including how it meets CEnet architectural and network requirements.  The final team is a Process Architecture Team to focus on change management requirements for the dioceses to implement the new SIS and the process architecture required for the procured product(s).  The membership of the Business Functions team is yet to be finalised. We are seeking nominations from directors for a couple of people with expertise and experience in the finance modules.   
More detail on the responsibilities is included in the revised Project Plan and Brief available on the ONCE site under SIS Project documents.

All Teams will report now directly to the ITSC through the Project Manager.
The current project schedule includes the timelines for the designated activities and no change is required.  According to this schedule this phase will be completed in December 2014. 

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Gunn or myself.

Alan Ibbett
IT Steering Committee