Backpack Program

What is this program?
  • Central Cambria Middle School's Student Council, with the help of the First Student bus company, is adopting a backpack program entitled Central Cambria Special Deliveries.  This program will be providing Central Cambria students in grades K - 12 with a backpack filled with weekend meals.  Our elementary and middle schools currently include 40% of the school population who are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program.  This backpack program is a way to ensure that no student goes hungry over the weekends throughout the school year.  Those students who enroll in the backpack program will be provided with a backpack full of nutritious, non-perishable, and kid-friendly snacks every Friday.  These snacks will include 2 of each of the following: breakfasts, lunches,  dinners,  drinks, and  snacks.  Private donations and grants are used to purchase the food from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Pittsburgh and other local food sources.
The history of the program:
  • The Backpack Program - that CCSD has patterned off of - has its roots in Arkansas.  It was developed when a school nurse noticed students coming to her with stomachaches and dizziness on Monday mornings due to hunger. Each Friday during the school year, children enrolled in the program receive a backpack filled with easy-to-prepare meals and snacks.  They take their backpacks home knowing they will have food for the weekend, and return them to their teachers on Monday.  

Our Mission...
  • The mission of Central Cambria Special Deliveries is to provide our students in grades K-8 with food that will nourish their bodies, prepare their minds, and encourage their spirits. With this program, students will be more physically prepared to attend school regularly, focus on their lessons, and demonstrate healthy attitudes.
Who is eligible for this program:
  • Any student in grades K - 12 enrolled in the Central Cambria School District is eligible to participate in this program.
Where and when does this program occur?
  • This program will kickoff in the fall of 2015.
  • Backpacks will be stuffed by volunteers on a weekly basis and the backpacks will be delivered to students at the middle and elementary school buildings every Friday.  The students then return their empty backpack to their school designated area Monday of the following week to continue the cycle from week to week throughout the school year.
How do I enroll my student in the program?
  • If you have a student in grades K - 12 that is enrolled in Central Cambria School District, they are eligible to participate the Special Deliveries Project.  Please click here or send an email to with your student's name, their school and grade.

How do I volunteer to help with this program?
  • If you, your family and/or your business are interested in volunteering time, money, supplies, and talents to this important project, please click here or email the coordinators of Special Deliveries at with your intentions.

We would like to thank the Mountain Lion Backpack Program in Altoona, and its founders Mr. and Mrs. Little, for all of the help they have given us as we are beginning a program of our own in Cambria County.