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We design equipment for people with very limited use of their limbs to operate computers, games machines and other assistive aids.

“Celtic 'is a magic bag, into which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come..."   J.R.R. Tolkien

HAPP100 Advanced Sip & Puff  Breath Controller 

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EASY, FAST, PRECISE control of a PC or Mac using breath alone

No Head movement at all necessary

Suitable for users 
  • With total paralysis
  • With a tracheostomy
Full mouse control and typing using an on-screen keyboard

Relay output options: To control other assistive aids

No Special software required:  Control you computer like its supposed to be controlled by any able bodied user.  Using conventional click/ drag/ drop/ copy / paste etc.  No expensive grid control software required.

Plug & Play: No driver software required

Bekki is one of our first users of the HAPP100, and has been delighted by the improvement it has made in her ability to use her computer to email, browse the web, and use Facebook to keep in touch with friends.   She was able to learn how to use it quickly, and sent her first-ever independent email within 24 hours of installing it.

"The HAPP is really good, I use it everyday.  This has improved my life in communicating (including writing this credit!) and doing things myself rather than ask my carers to do it. I can now search the web, chat to my friends and play games.  It allows me to have some privacy and independence that I didn't have before."   

 Rebecca Facer

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MoJo Modular Control System

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MoJo System:

Supports up to 16 MoJo sensors which can detect the slightest movement from any convenient part of the body.

Automatic calibrates to the users capabilities every time it is used.

Can be used just as a hypersensitive switch up to be a full games controller or for controlling a computer mouse

Special builds are also possible  Example: MoJo2 Track Controller

Modular & Programmable design that can be built & tuned to suit the user's abilities

Breath input optional

Relay outputs optional

Analogue outputs optional

Mike has a MoJo8P system that offers him seven super sensitive analogue inputs and breath control although he is only using five inputs and breath to control this particular game.  

He has another simpler handset for his left hand which he has less use of due to his MND condition.  His left hand gives him control of the PS4 machine itself and slower access to special modes when he needs them.

Meccano is used here to give super flexible mounting options that are readily adjusted when required.   It is not pretty but it is practical.  The Meccano zSensors (zMec) can be supplied by Celtic Magic.

The white plastic support is a home made moulding made from Polymorph, a low melting point plastic and fused into the Meccano supports.  

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