The CDA conducts four events per year in metropolitan and regional South Australia, culminating with the Celtic Festival at the end of each year. 

These events are conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

The competitions are adjudicated by persons who have many years of Irish Dance experience and have undergone the CDA adjudication framework or a probationary adjudicators programme.


Syllabus includes:

Reel, Single Jig, Light Jig, Slip Jig, Slide Dance, Sling Dance, Single Reel, Hardshoe Light Jig, Hardshoe Reel, Treble Jig, Treble Reel, Traditional Light Jig, Hornpipe, Traditional Hornpipe, Set Dances  and Traditional Set Dances.

The CiDA grades are as follows :
Novice, Basic, beginners, primary, intermediate, open for the reel & single Jig. For all other non-traditional soft shoe dances ( light jig, slip jig) the grades are
beginners, primary, intermediate and open.
Traditional soft shoe dances (slide, sling, single reel) are graded as per age championships (sub-minor, minor, junior, intermediate age and senior).
Hard shoe dances (treble jig, hornpipe, traditional hornpipe and traditional sets) follow from beginners to open.
Traditional light jig, hard shoe light jig, hard shoe reel and treble reel follow the
age championships syllabus.
Some traditional dances (soft shoe such as the slide) have been shown to us by visiting teachers from organisations such as FDTA, CMFA and BAID and IIDO.
Traditional set dances includes St. Patricks Day, Blackbird, Hurling Boys, Job of Journeywork, Garden of Daisies and Jockey to the Fair (there are many more to choose from).
Traditional set dances such as the Story Teller and the Blue Eyed Rascal have been shown to us by visiting teachers from other organisations.
Set Dances may include Blackthorn Stick, Miss Brown's Fancy, Downfall of Paris and Kilkenny Races ( There are more to choose from )

Ceili includes:

The CiDA Ceili syllabus for 4 hands includes dances such as 4 Hand Reel, Humours of Bandon, Walls of Limmerick and
there are many more to choose from.

The CiDA Ceili syllabus for 6 hands includes dances such as the Fairy Reel, the Duke Reel and there are many others to choose from.

The CiDA Ceili syllabus for 8 hands includes dances such as the Sweets of May, 8 Hand Reel, Morris Reel and there are many others to choose from.

Unique to the CiDA Ceili syllabus are team dances such as Kilkenny Meet, Breton Jig and the Rakes of Glendar

2,3,4 Hand choreography, Figure Dances and Freestyle Figure Dances.

------- Feis Events for 2018

8th December 2018 - Celtic Festival Solo, Freestyle & Traditional Dance Championships,
  1 Globe Derby Drive, Globe Derby Park SA 5110. Starting at 10:00am.

----- Feis Events for 2016
March 2016   St Patricks Day Challenge   Gawler Tennis Club

May 22nd 2016  CIDA Feis  Gawler Tennis Club

August 20th 2016 CIDA Feis  Thomas More College  with Contestants from Darwin, NSW & Vict.

December  3rd & 4th   Celtic Festival  Solo & Team events  Thomas More College

------- Feis Events for 2015

March 2015 - St Patricks Day Challenge

23rd May 2015 -  Salisbury Feis

2nd August 2015 - Gawler Feis 

5th and 6th December 2015 - Celtic Festival Solo, Freestyle & Traditional Dance Championships

------- Feis Events for 2014:

16 March 2014 - St Patricks Day Challenge

17th May 2014 -  Salisbury Feis

27th July 2014 - Salisbury Feis

13th and 14th September 2014 - Team Championships

6th and 7th December 2014 - Celtic Festival Solo, Freestyle & Traditional Dance Championships


Displays and Performances for 2013:

27th April 2013 - Folk Society - International Day of Dance Display 2pm

27th April 2013 - Ceili Exams - Lantana Kindergarten Parafield Gardens 4pm

17th July 2013 -  The Viceroy Residential Village, 27 Captain Robertson Avenue Golden Grove

19th July 2013 - Nursing Home Regent Park


Competitions for 2013:

17 March 2013 - St Patricks Day Challenge

TBD - Baldwin Academy Feis

July 2013 - Gawler Feis

24 August 2013 - Shannon Feis (Littlehampton)

20 October 2013 - City of Salisbury Feis

7-8 December 2013 - Celtic Festival
Displays and Performances for 2012:

Mt Barker Show

St Patricks Day - March

Folkoric Society International Day of Dance

Strathalbyn Caledonia Society

Medieval Society

Lynnes Studio Day of Dance

Lynnes Studio Mid Year Concert
Competitions for 2012:

Lyndoch Feis - Sat 21st July

Adelaide Hills Academy Feis - Sat 22nd September 2012

Salisbury Feis - Sat 27th October 2012

Allistragh Feis - November

Celtic Festival - Solo and Teams - Weekend of 1st and 2nd December

    2 Hands
    Figure and Choreography
    Freestyle solo and figure
    Traditional dance championships
        Open Age championships
        Beginners/Primary championships
        Announcement of Solo premierships - beginners, primary and open grade
        School of festival trophy
        School premiership trophy
        Service bars presentation
Competitions Results for 2011:

St Patrick's Challenge
Saturday April 2nd

Lyndoch/Gawler Feis
Saturday 25th June

Adelaide Hills Feis
Saturday 20th August

Solo & Teams
Sunday 6th November

Celtic Festival
Saturday 10th December