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Proposal Guidelines

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carole. 

Process for Early Childhood Iowa Funding:

1. Cedar Valley's Promise Board (CVP) annually determines if a request of proposals (RFP) is needed.

2. If the CVP Board approves a RFP, the RFP will be submitted to local news medias and distributed by email.

3. Proposals submitted by the required deadline (as outlined in the RFP) will be reviewed by the CVP Proposal Review Committee.

4. If the CVP Proposal Review Committee recommends funding the proposal, it will then be reviewed by CVP Policy Board who will then vote on the funding decision for the proposal. 

Process for DECAT Funding:

1. Community Planning Committee declares the Need for the service in the community. 
2. The DECAT Board looks at the need request.  If the board feels this is a need in the community, they vote to send out a 3-Bid or RFP for the services.

3. Once all of the proposals are recieved (on the Proposal Format), the Proposal Review Team will make recommendations to the Decat Board based upon their evaluation of the proposals recieved.

4. DECAT Board then reviews all of the proposals and chooses a successful bidder.

Request for Proposal & Proposal Format