Room Parents

Contact:  Erin Schawel

If you have already signed up to be a Room Parent, THANK YOU!  The intent of this page is to offer advice, general forms and information for you to use and personalize for your child's classroom/teacher.
Be sure to ask your child's teacher for a class list with email contacts.  This will help you to contact parents with important information.  Don't feel like you need to do it yourself!!  Recruit another parent and share the tasks throughout the year! 
Please contact Erin Schawel ( with any questions. 

What is a Room Parent?
A Room Parent serves as a liaison between the teacher and classroom parents. 

What does a Room Parent do?
Your duties may include:
  • Coordinating classroom readers and volunteer opportunities.
  • Creating a 'Friendship List' for the class.  This is a great way for both parents and students to contact each other outside of school for play dates or homework.  It is also found to be the best way to contact all of the parents at once for end of month Birthday Celebrations.
  • Planning classroom learning experiences and events for birthday and holiday.
  • Organizing teacher gifts throughout the year (usually holiday and end-of-year gift).  Use the "Getting to Know You" letter to find out some of your teachers' favorite things and pass out the information to the other classroom parents. 
  • Communicating to the classroom parents any school-wide volunteer opportunities and/or PTA needs.
This may seem like a lot - but you don't have to do it all yourself! 

The trick to being a Room Parent is to D E L E G A T E and get other parents to help.  Most parents WANT to help - even busy ones.  Just ASK!  Make it easy for parents to help by breaking up big jobs into smaller tasks and using online sign-up sheets so parents can choose where and when they want to help.  One online signup you may want to use is  It's FREE and EASY to set up a sign-up for snacks, birthday celebrations, classroom events and even additional supplies the teacher may need.

Click the image above for a blank Friendship List 
Click the image above for Birthday Celebration letter.

Click the image above for the Getting to Know You letter.
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