Camp Minikani 2016

Webster 8th Grade
September 22-23

Dear Parents and Students:

The Webster eighth grade will soon all be travelling together this year to Camp Minikani for two days of outdoor education.  This website will provide many of the details about the Webster Transitional School Outdoor Educational Program. 

Please read the information provided here, complete the necessary forms, and return the following when you register you student prior to the start of school. Copies of that forms are available at the school office if you are unable to print them.
  1. CAMP MINIKANI PERMISSION SLIP 2016 and Minikani YMCA Release/Waiver
  2. A check for $70.00 written out to Webster Transitional School. If the cost creates a difficulty for any student or family, please feel free to contact the office about this concern.
  3. Optional - If you are willing to chaperone, please fill out the Minikani Parent Chaperone Form found here and return the Cedarburg School District Volunteer Application.
  4. Optional - Medication Authorization for Prescription Medication and/or Tylenol-Acetaminophen/ Advil-Ibuprofen form.
If you have questions after reading the camp information, please contact the Webster office at (262)376-6500.


Daniel Reinert
Associate Principal