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School Library Catalog (Destiny Quest)
Use the link above to access our catalog. 

Click on the image below to access our OverDrive digital library.


Getting Started with OverDrive

Click HERE to access instruction to download digital books!

Students in grades 3 and up have user names and passwords assigned to them (typically, they do not change from year-to-year unless requested) and have been taught how to log in and use the catalog to check status of items checked out, place holds, send recommendations, and many other actions. 
Please share your user names and passwords with no one except your parents. Parents may have this account information emailed to them upon request.

Enter great opening lines from one of our library books here.

Use the link above to connect to the public library catalog.
Click on the link above to view the library calendar so you know when library books are due. Sometimes the schedule changes due to unplanned events, but it should be relatively accurate. Also, books should be stamped with the due date in the back of the library book.


Use the link above to connect to free resources for students and educators in Ohio. Check with Mrs. Pollock for the diocesan user name  and password.

Click on this link to explore websites related to your homework and research needs. This site is part of the InfOhio resources which are free and benefit Ohio students.

Book Trailers!
Click here to access book trailers for titles we own (grades 4-8).
Click here to access book trailers for YA books.
Click here to access book trailers for BRAND NEW books.