Welcome to Technology Class

Parents and Students

I'm so excited for this year to start.  We are now officially 1:1 with devices for each student Pre-K through 8th grade.

Pre-K and 2 Kindergarten classes have iPads.

The 3rd Kindergarten class-8th grade all have Dell Touchscreen Chromebooks.

We have also added additional Aruba wireless access points into classrooms to provide coverage as well as density in order to handle the additional internet traffic that we expect.

More Changes:

The Techlab also has some improved upgrades.  We have new carpeting as well as a new desk layout for the students.  

Technology is the great equalizer.  I personally cannot create things with a paper and pencil.  But if you turn me loose with a computer, the creations can be without end.  Our technology gives even our quietest students a voice and it is amazing to see them break out of their shell and get excited about learning.