Friday June 5, 2020

Dear Kindergarteners,     (Almost First Graders!)                                                         6/5/2020

 Today is Friday June_______, _______ and it is day 40 of our online learning journey! Happy last day of Kindergarten! I hope I get to see everyone at the parade today!  I am very sorry that our year and our time together was cut short. I know you all will do a fantastic job in first grade. Remember, always choose kind and never give up! Thank you for all the amazing memories and the laughs. 
I hope you have the BEST summer ever! 
                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Nanni 

A note from Mrs. Stone

"Hi Everyone, Mrs. Stone here!

I am hoping you can take a few minutes today or tomorrow to go to my blog and watch my final class video message! It's a pretty important and special project, and I don't want you to miss out on it! There might also be a video clip of my puppy, Tucker!"

You can go to her blog by clicking here


Staff Video.mp4

Ready Freddy
"Don't Sit On My Lunch!"

Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Today's Activities
***Anything underlined is a link for the activity***


Listen to
‘The Night Before Summer Vacation'

YouTube Video


Flash Card Friday! Click here

IXL for 15 minutes


If I could be any ocean animal, I would be a _______



Click here for a shark quiz!

Art Time

Click here

ABC Countdown

A- Practice writing Aa. Create some Art

B- Practice writing Bb. Buddy reading! Grab a book and read to a buddy!

C- Practice writing Cc. Color a picture of what spring looks like!

D- Practice writing Dd. Dot Art. Use a Q-Tip and paint a picture using dots!

E- Practice writing Ee. Exercise day! Do some exercises with your family!

F- Practice writing Ff. Fun in the sun. Take you school work outside to enjoy the sun or find some flowers!

G- Practice writing Gg. Game day! Play some games with your family!

H- Practice writing Hh. Hat day! Wear your favorite hat today and see how many words you can come up with that start with H. Make a list of those words!

I- Practice writing Ii- Inside out day. Wear your clothes inside out.

J- Practice writing Jj- Go outside and do jumping jax or jog around the yard!

K- Practice writing Kk. Kick a ball or fly a Kite!

L- Practice writing Ll. Eat your lunch outside. Have a lazy day or enjoy a lollipop.

M- Practice writing Mm. Listen to some music!

N- Practice writing Nn. Take a nature walk or look at the night sky.

O- Practice writing Oo. Wear Orange. Play Outside!

P- Practice writing Pp. Draw a picture using pink and purple or stay in your pajamas all day!

Q- Practice writing Qq. Have a quiet day or see how quick you are and run around the house!

R- Practice writing Rr. Draw a Rainbow or read a book!

S- Practice writing Ss. Wear sunglasses or sit in the sun!

T- Practice writing Tt. Pick you your toys or wear your favorite T-shirt.

U- Practice writing Uu. Do your work under the table or wear red white and blue for the USA!

V- Practice writing Vv. Watch a Video.

W- Practice writing Ww. Eat some watermelon, get wet and throw some water balloons!

X- Practice writing Xx. Get eXcited for first grade! Write your teacher a letter!

Y- Practice writing Yy. Year end fun! Write about your favorite part of Kindergarten!

Z- Practice writing Zz. Zoom into first grade!