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posted Mar 26, 2018, 4:58 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

I am sure that your kids let you know I was not  here Thursday. I was home with a pinched nerve in my back. Your report cards will come home today in your child's folder. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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posted Mar 26, 2018, 4:55 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

It has been a crazy few weeks with all the snow days and early release days. The kids have been troopers through the constantly changing schedules

We are close to finishing up our reading unit which is focusing on neighborhoods and communities. Many of the stories are exposing them to life in large cities. The concept of multiple story apartment buildings and homes that have no yard at all are a little hard for them to grasp. We have had many interesting discussions and have looked at many pictures of New York city and other large cities 

We are working on prefixes, suffixes, contractions and parts of speech. We re also identifying subjects an predicates and how to write complete sentences. We are learning to expand our sentences to more complex sentences and how to keep them from becoming run on sentences.

We are continuing to review long and short vowels, blends digraphs, and diphthongs. We are learning rules of syllabication to help us with our spelling. Chunking workds into the syllables helps with spelling and reading.

We finished a unit on story problems and adding +1 +2 doubles doubles +1 and doubles -1. We are now working on odd and even, +1- and -10. Place value and how to use our addition and subtraction facts across our base 10 system will be our focus. We will also be doing more in depth work with categorizing data collection

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posted Feb 12, 2018, 12:59 PM by Patricia Currie-Wright

We survived the 100th day of school with lots of fun activities. Our next big event will be Valentines Day. A list of names went home last week in the folders. If you need another let me know. 

I will be doing a small Valentines Celebration at the end of the day. If you want to send something please email or send me a note in the folder. 

Have a fantastic break!

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posted Jan 29, 2018, 7:31 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

We are at the end of January. Wow how did that happen? It's been a great month in spite of the late entries and snow days that messed with our schedules. 

The kids have welcomed a new student into our classroom. You have such kind and caring children. They made her feel as if she was part of the class from the first day.

We are moving into our Neighborhood and Community unit in Reading. So all of our stories will be about neighborhoods and communities. The program spirals with skills so some of the same skills will reappear in different formats. We are working on complete sentences, types of sentences. We will be doing a lot of editing of words that are no excuse words.

In writing we are still working on our scientific writing. They are doing lab reports on the many experiments we are doing in science. 

Our science topics have moved from properties and states of matters to properties of materials. We are evaluation why certain materials are better than others for certain tasks. We will be moving into the effects of heat on materials shortly

In math we are defining odd and even beyond memorizing the numbers that are odd and even. We are learning to manipulate our doubles to help us in addition. We have begun a long stretch of word problems that will teach them how to identify what the problem is asking and how to solve it. 

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posted Dec 14, 2017, 9:14 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

Well it has been a few weeks since I have updated the blog. I apologize. Time seemed to have slipped away from me.

Upcoming dates
Tuesday     December 19 Book Celebration volunteers needed so fill out your form if you can come and help.
Friday        December 22 is a half day. We will be having a little celebration. If you would like to send something in you can. I usually look for a mix of                         healthy and sweet treats. 

We just finished our Narrative writing unit. The program we use focuses on personal narrative. However, we have been taking the principles of good personal narrative and applying them to other narrative stories. The Common Core for second grade indicates the need to be able to write a narrative. A narrative is simply a story of connected events or experiences told in a sequence that are either true or fictitious

We are working on our geometry unit. We are working on identifying shapes. Defining rectangles. We are determining the area of rectangles using one inch cubes. We are also continuing to work towards mastering addition facts. We have been working on plus 1, Plus 2, doubles and sums of ten. We will be introducing doubles plus one and doubles minus one as strategies. We are working on the commutative property of addition i.e. 2 +3 and 3+2 will give you the same. We are also learning how addition facts can help with subtraction facts. i.e 7+ 3 - 10 10- 3 =7 10=- 7 = 3

 We are working on summarizing, clarifying, predicting. We have been learning blends, digraphs, vowel pairs, antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. We have been identifying types of sentences, Commands, Statements, exclamatory sentences, and questions. We are also working on defining what a complete sentence is and using the words subject and predicate.

We have moved from our properties of matter to our properties of materials. We are learning what materials are and which materials will be the best for a particular task. Our writing and our science merge during this unit because we are doing scientific writing. We are learning how to develop hypotheses, and test them and write lab reports about our experiments.

Hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season!

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posted Oct 31, 2017, 6:42 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

It was fantastic seeing you all at conferences. You have great kids and I am blessed to spend every day with them.

The hurricane force winds and power outages have certainly been a disruption to our lives. The kids are warm and safe here at school with the school wide generator. What a super thing to have during these stressful times.

We are fast approaching November and are finishing up many of our units of study at the same time. I am working on staggering the assessments so that they kids don't get overwhelmed with too many at one time.

We will be moving into the Nature Walk theme of our reading and our realistic fiction unit. We will continue to work in reading strategies of predicting/inferring, drawing conclusions, identifying cause and effect, summarizing, asking clarifying questions as we read. Just to name a few.

In science we have wrapped up states of matter and will be moving onto properties of materials. They will work in large an small groups to determine what materials work in what situations and why. 

In math we are continuing to work with word problems and reviewing and learning strategies of solving both addition and subtraction problems. Strategies include sums of ten +1 and +2 facts, and doubles

Writing we are finishing up our narrative writing and will be moving onto information writing very soon. In information writing we will be focusing on forming a hypothesis, collecting data and writing conclusions.

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posted Oct 24, 2017, 8:46 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

Upcoming Dates 

October 25th - Mismatched Sock Day - We are all different and special
November 1st -Inside out day - We all have feelings
November 8th - Red, White, and Blue Day - Eagle Pride!
November 15th- Crazy Hair, Don't Care - Be Confident!

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posted Oct 6, 2017, 9:08 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

The beginning of the year is such a whirlwind with claassroom testing, NWEAs, fire drills and routines.

Upcoming Dates 
Picture day    October 12
Book Fair      October 19

Topics we are working on....

We are learning about characteristics and states of matter and changes in matter.

We are working on strategies for addition i.e. sums of ten, plus one and plus two math facts and doubles.  We will be working on addition and subtraction story problems as well.  We have also been working on coin identification, value and adding sums of money of varying denominations. We are working on skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and for those who are ready 3 and 4. This will provide the foundation for multiplication. The  large focus of math will be explaining how they figured it out beyond writing an equation or saying I knew it. This is a challenge for them at this age and some may find it frustrating at first.

We have been working on long and short vowel rules for spelling and reading. We are reviewing blends and digraphs and diphthong.  

The genre we are working with it fantasy. Reading strategies that we are working on are summarizing, monitoring and clarifying. We are also comparing and contrasting our mentor texts and our reading group stories to make connections between them. 

Social Studies 
We are learning about rights and responsibilities of citizenship. We have been using our core values and classroom expectations as a starting point. We have spent time outlining our rights and responsibility as a member of a class. Ask your child about why they are getting their respect and responsibility tickets when they get home. When I catch them being responsible or respectful. I tell them exactly what they did when I give out the ticket. We will be adding kindness and honesty list over the next few weeks.

We are working on personal narratives. We are using mentor texts to determine what makes great narrative writing and how to stretch out those tiny topics. Talk with your kids about some of the things they are doing that they could be writing about. 

Corrected work
Our instruction is driven by the data we collect on the students in our classes. I use the classroom work to evaluate what skills each child needs to work on. Collecting data for me is beyond just recording the score on the paper or the assessment. I review the  work to identify needs and patterns for the class and the individual students. This takes time to do adequately so there may be a lag time between work being completed and when it comes home to you.

Any questions please let me know at p.currie-wright@cdsedu.org. E mail is probably the easiest way to get in touch with me. 

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posted Sep 7, 2017, 7:19 AM by Patricia Currie-Wright

Some general information about our classroom


There will be homework in second grade. Your child will be expected to read 5 nights a week for 15 to 20 minutes and complete a log in her/his own handwriting. It will be due the first day of the week each week after it starts. There will also be periodic math homework to reinforce skills. Homework is designed to develop responsibility, work ethic and reinforce skills. It will be due the following day unless indicated. There will be an occasional project throughout the year, but nothing too time consuming. Homework will go back and forth in the homework folder.


Second grade is the first year the kids start NWEA testing. It is a standardized computer based test. It typically takes about an hour. Our testing day is Mondays. It starts September 11. We spend a great deal of time talking about the fact that this is just a tool for teachers

Classroom Supplies

Your child will only need a lunch box, back pack, and two folders. All other supplies are provided. If you would like to donate a box of pencils for our Classroom Supplies that would be appreciated.


We celebrate birthdays in second grade. If you want to send in a treat you are welcome to do so. We celebrate with a poem about each child on her/his birthday.

Daily Folder

This will be used for daily notes to and from home, to return corrected work etc. Please check and empty daily.

Classroom Discipline

We will develop a set of classroom rules as a group that are based on CDS Core Values. From that list, we will develop a list of rewards and consequences. These will be posted in the classroom for the children to reference.


I will update my blog monthly to provide general classroom information. If you do not have internet or prefer a paper copy sent home in the daily folder, just let me know.

If there are specific behavior concerns, I will send home a note in the daily folder for any serious issues (I.e. Hurting someone else, being sent to the principal’s office.) or if there are repeated issues. The note will be written for s/he to bring to you to sign and return the next day.

I can be reached at p.currie-wright@cdsedu.org or by calling 825-3310. E mail typically is something I can reply to more readily. Some cell phones are not recognized as local by my classroom phone, which means I have to go to the office to return your call. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Your child cannot go anywhere other than the designated place with without a note, email or phone call from you. I often get my mom told me I was going here or there. The office gets literally hundreds of phone calls in the last twenty minutes of the day including ones from teachers to double check on those kinds of statements from the kids. If you have a change in your child’s dismissal, an email to me or a note in the folder would help reduce the number of calls and last minute changes. If your child’s dismissal changes frequently during the week, you can send a note for a week at a time. Also, if your child is dismissed the same day every week, you can send one note indicating this and then it will be put on the dismissal list.


We launched a computer software in the cafeteria last year. Your child has a number they will give the cafeteria staff. I will give them the number on the first day. Some may even remember it from last year. Please send in lunch money in a baggy or envelope with your child’s name on it. This will ensure that your account is credited correctly. There will not be any paper tracking of the meals. They will pick a choice each day in the classroom


We will have a snack daily. The time will be determined by the schedule. Please send in a healthy snack each day.

Toys from Home

In the event of inside recess we have plenty of toys in the classroom. Please keep all toys from home at home. If your child brings something to take to daycare then s/he will need to keep in her/his backpack.

Special schedule

Monday          Computer Lab                  Mrs. Stone has most of their headphones if you are new or took

    them home they will need a pair

Tuesday              Music and Phys. Ed         please make sure to have play clothes and sneakers on PE days

Wednesday         Art

Thursday             Library                      please help your child remember her/his library book each week

                           Thinking Skills          Mr. Swett works with the whole class to solve puzzles, play games

            that stretch their thinking skills

Friday                 Guidance

                            IXL                          We work weekly on math skills using IXL website. This is a great

        thing to do at home too. If you need your child’s log in let me

           know. It does not change from year to year. 

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