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Highlights in the MYP

Welcome Back Students! Welcome New MYP Students!

posted 15 Aug 2018, 17:31 by Julie Cook

A new school year means new beginnings. It means new challenges ahead but also new relationships formed and fun to be had. We welcome all MYP students back to school but also welcome the new students. We're happy to have you in our community.

Please find the Welcome to CDNIS Videos here. These videos will help you become oriented to the school and have a successful year.

Class of 2020 Personal Project Exhibition

posted 7 Mar 2018, 19:25 by Julie Cook

The Class of 2020 held their Personal Project exhibition on March 1 and 2. The event was well attended by students, faculty, family and friends. Many thanks to those who came. 

The students did a fantastic job showcasing their work. Many projects were of excellent quality. There were creative approaches to address various needs. Students took on goals of great variety. 

The Personal Project banners representing projects will be on display in the 4th and 5th floors of the school for the next 3 weeks. Please take a look and scan the QR codes to view videos that the students have made about their projects.

Learner Profile Awards

posted 11 Jan 2018, 20:01 by Julie Cook

Just before the holidays we celebrated the MYP students' development of IB Learner Profile attributes by holding an awards ceremony. Students in each grade were recognized for exhibiting each of the Learner Profile attributes. We are so proud of our CDNIS students. Our open-minded, caring, principled students make, for each other, this school a wonderful place to learn. Their courageous and inquiring actions in class help them to become more knowledgeable. Their reflective thinking and communication help allow us to develop shared understanding in academia and beyond. The balance that they apply as they take action in the school and community in extra curricular activities and service bring satisfaction and meaning to all of us. 

Below are some images from the Learner Profile Awards ceremony.

Learner Profile - the embodiment of the IB Mission and a lens toward International Mindedness

posted 18 Aug 2017, 23:04 by Julie Cook   [ updated 25 Aug 2017, 18:54 ]

The mission of the IB Organization is the create a more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. We can all reflect on this mission and how we can do our part to make the world a little more peaceful. With conflict raging across the globe, we need to remember the value of the IB Learner Profile and how it should be used to guide our decision-making. Those who are internationally minded have an understanding that although others may be different in their experiences and perspective, that we have much in common. Internationally minded people seek to move from a focus on self towards a focus on others. With this perspective, there is hope that we can be a more united and peaceful world in the future.

The Learner Profile is the embodiment of the IB mission. As students participate in the IB programmes, they develop the attributes of the learner profile. Our students, thus, should not only become inquirers, thinkers, knowledgeable, reflective, communicators as we would expect from a school experience, they also become more open-minded, balanced, courageous (risk-takers), principled and caring, which are the attributes that will help them use their education for the benefit of humankind rather than purely for their own gain. 

We can all reflect on the learner profile and how we might better embody these attributes and how we can do our part to make this world a better place.

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year

posted 9 Aug 2017, 00:26 by Julie Cook

Welcome back to school to all of our MYP students! Welcome to our new students! The teachers have spent the past few days getting ready to engage students in learning throughout all the subject areas. We are looking forward to a new school year full of learning, development and fun. 

MYP Celebration for Class of 2019

posted 4 May 2017, 21:04 by Julie Cook   [ updated 27 Aug 2017, 22:54 ]

The MYP Celebration for all Grade 10 Students and Families is May 19th at 6:40pm.
Bus service is provided for parents with pick up at Admiralty MTR Exit A at 6:00pm and Wong Chuk Hang MTR Exit A2 at 6:30pm. Drop off afterward at Wong Chuk Hang MTR, Morrison Hill Road, Admiralty MTR and Central Pier. 

The ceremony will occur in the LLAC theatre (refreshments beforehand in the LLAC lobby) from 6:40pm to 8:00pm. A brief photo-taking period will follow. 

While parents head home, students remain for a party in the LLAC lobby from 8:10pm - 10:00pm. Bus service provided for students after the event to Wong Chuk Hang MTR, Morrison Hill Road, Admiralty MTR and Central Pier.

Dressy/Formal attire is expected for this event.

We hope that all families will attend and enjoy this celebration of the students' progress through the Middle Years Programme. 

A sampler of photos from the MYP Celebration are provided:


Class of 2019 Personal Project Exhibition

posted 5 Mar 2017, 22:24 by Julie Cook   [ updated 6 Mar 2017, 15:17 ]

February 23 and 24 the Class of 2019 exhibited their rich and diverse Personal Projects for our school community to enjoy. Projects took on various forms that ranged from digital books, to hand-crafted surfboards to music compositions to organization of face-to-face events. Students successfully connected their projects to global contexts, which brought deep significance to the projects and offered benefit to the community. The event was well attended by many students from grade 4 to grade 12, teachers from across the school, and many proud parents and other family members. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this event from the students, to the supervisors, and to those who came to see the projects!

Parent Information Nights

posted 11 Jan 2017, 05:17 by Julie Cook   [ updated 16 Jan 2017, 19:38 by IBMYP Department ]

Last week the Upper School Administration team spent time with around 75 parents of students in grade 8 who will be entering grade 9 next year, and around 60 parents of students in grade 9 who will be moving to grade 10. These presentations helped the parents learn what changes are in store for their sons and daughters as they enter and move through the high school. CDNIS has such a dedicated, caring parent community. We are pleased with the support you show your children. For those who missed this, the Parent information evenings tab includes the presentations which we share. Please have a look and find out all you need to know about supporting your child in the grade ahead.

Course Overviews Posted

posted 23 Oct 2016, 23:59 by Julie Cook

Course overviews are now posted on the MYP Communicator Site for parents to see information about our courses. Each overview features a course description, course objectives and assessment criteria, and a scope and sequence which includes information about the units students are studying throughout the school year. Below is a portion of the course overview for Grade 9 MYP Drama. Please check out the Course Overviews link to access the course overviews for your child's courses.

Personal Projects - Student Directed Learning

posted 31 Aug 2016, 22:49 by Julie Cook   [ updated 29 Sep 2016, 17:34 ]

The Grade 10 students have been working on their Personal Projects since they were introduced to them in March. This project helps students to develop learner profile attributes and approaches to learning skills while they engage in a project that is inspiring and meaningful to them and others in our school community. At this point in the year, the students should have an established challenging goal which is related to one of the 6 Global Contexts. They should have done some investigation and some planning. Many students have also begun to take action to accomplish their goals. As students move through this project, they record evidence of their work in a digital process journal and meet regularly with their Personal Project Supervisor, a teacher who provides guidance and support. Parents, ask your grade 10 teenager to share his/her process journal and tell you about his/her Personal Project!

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